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The Killer App for VR: The Ability to Meet Yourself

May 25, 2017 | Telepresence Options


Story and images by TechZone360

I was at a VR event this week and I'm sure the speaker misspoke when he said that one of the benefits of VR is the ability to meet yourself. But the idea caught my interest; what if you could meet and talk to yourself? Not in your head as you do now, but as a separate entity in real time? Have you ever noticed how easy it seems to give others advice on a problem, but then you seem to have difficulty addressing the same problem yourself? The kinds of recurring problems with relationships, career choices, and even purchases where we are so close to the issue that we don't use our own knowledge to make a better decision would be ideal for this.

The technology I'm talking about would also clearly allow us to digitally have conversations with our parents, past teachers, and even digital representations of experts and celebrities regardless of whether they are still alive or not. But the perspective we could bring to our own problems if we were able to approach them as if they came from someone else would be unique, and we'd be far more likely to follow our own advice than that from anyone else.

VR Isn't That Interesting Yet

According to a report issued this month by eMarketer, VR isn't going anyplace fast. Now, there is a ton of VR hardware in the market. Prices range from a cardboard headset for under $20 that'll allow you to strap your smartphone to your head to the high-end solutions costing, without the $2,000 PC, around a grand from Facebook (Oculus) and HTC (Vive). While there are some games and movie-like experiences that are surprisingly good, most of the experiences suck and, if you step back, they aren't that much better really than watching a regular movie or playing a regular good video game. Certainly different, but finding that one thing that makes a buyer say, regardless of price, that they want any one defined experience so far has been impossible.

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