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Simon Dudley Joins Logitech as Director of Product Strategy

August 30, 2016 | Telepresence Options

Simon_Dudley_logitech.jpgToday, Monday August 29th 2016 is my first day at Logitech, and honestly I couldn't be more excited. I've been involved in the Video Conferencing industry for a long long time now and finally it feels like it's going to really start to take off in a meaningfully big way, and after 18 months of doing my own thing with Excession Events I decided it was time to get out of the commentary box and back out onto the field.

I've been commenting for the last few years about the fundamental shift in the Video Conferencing space from a world of large static meeting room systems with a few desktop users running centralled on-prem infrastructure, to one of scale and ubiquity. One in which every meeting space is equipped. For that to happen a number of shifts in technology needed to occur.

The world needed to shift from $100k plus On-Premise infrastructure technology to Cloud based, low cost, high availability solutions that scale to users needs. I think it's safe to say the success of solutions like: BlueJeans; Lifesize; Pexip; Starleaf; Skype for Business; Videxio; Zoom and the greater than 70 other solutions out there today prove that the market agrees with that sentiment.

Bring Your Own Codec is taking off in many many businesses, particularly in the SMB market and fat middle market defined at the $100m to $1bn venue businesses. This sector often has a standard solution for it's internal communications but needs to be able to communicate easily with their supply chain. As a result having solutions that work well with everything are becoming increasingly important.

No IT manager wants to get a call from the CEO telling them they need to be able to have a Google Hangout, Skype for Business, or an OkiKokyMark7GTI call with an important client in 15 minutes, when their solutions are not able to accommodate it. Increasingly IT departments are looking for the most scaleable, flexible and deployable solutions available. The explosion in huddle rooms is proving lots of folks are thinking along the same lines.

Dizzying change.
IT departments, like all of business, are living in a world of almost constant disruption. The success criteria in every market are changing at a dizzying rate, and it's only getting worse. As a result users need meeting solutions that are reusable whatever the service behind the scenes is. No IT department wants to be tied to a service because of the end point technology they purchased, instead they want technology that will work with whatever they choose now, and whatever they choose in the future.

So why Logitech?

As a result of all this it's become increasingly clear that Logitech were in a fantastic position to leverage all these macro trends. As a result I knew I simply had to be part of this.

In many long conversations it became apparent that we have a very similar view of the market, and it became increasingly obvious that there would be a fantastic fit inside Logitech. This wasn't exactly how I'd planned things to go, but when such an interesting opportunity presents itself one has to seize it.

So what about Excession Events?

Running Excession Events, has been one of the most interesting and rewarding things I've ever done professionally.

Getting The End of Certainty "How to thrive when playing by the rules is a losing strategy", finished and published was a huge part of the start of Excession Events, and having sold over 25,000 copies, I feel I can be pretty proud of what I accomplished with it.

My first thought with the business was to get on the public speaking circuit. I thoroughly enjoy the process of speaking publicly but it is also a very strange business, one in which having a generic "everything is awesome" type speech, or being an X sports star is considered very important. I'm neither sporty nor very good at smiling and telling people they are awesome, so although I did a number of talks and some were extremely well received it didn't become a major part of the business.

Like any startup I pivoted, and went back to what is arguably my domain expertise. I became a consultant in, and commentator on the Video Conferencing industry. UCStrategies were kind enough to invite me into their world and I wrote for them and on my own blog and on Linkedin pretty extensively, and have published 76 pieces in 15 months and reached an audience of over 35,000 people.

Consulting has it's place and my clients appear to have liked the work I did. Some of it for example the TheUCCShow I did for Ingram, the Tech Target work, and the Excession Events Podcast are public domain, much of the rest of it was not.

However there was a problem with consulting. I never felt I was creating something, commenting on others work, giving suggestions and ideas is one thing, actually making a difference by creating something new is simply not part of what consulting is.

I missed being part of a team, and being part of something greater than myself. I was mulling this over when conversations started with Logitech. We discussed what might be done, how we could work together and very quickly it became apparent that we had much in common, and a similar world view on how the industry could and should develop.


I will be putting Excession Events into sleep mode, although I do plan to, both write more books, and to update The End of Certainty. Many of the themes about globalization and the rapid changing of society and their impacts on the lives of ordinary people have really resonated in this election cycle in the US, and in the Brexit vote in the UK. I hope the book continues to help people to at least recognize these changes and better yet to benefit from them.

Running my own business and the huge support I've had from many many people has been an honor and a privilege. I'm proud of what I was able to achieve, and will always look back at this chapter with great fondness.

But now it's time to get back onto the field and start playing the game at full speed. Time to go and put a dent in the universe.

My sdudley (at) email will continue to work and I will check it regularly. My cell number remains the same.

I'd love to know what you think of the move, and hope to catch up soon.

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