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ADAPTOR Chile Adds Array Telepresence to their Portfolio of Next-Generation Video Solutions

August 1, 2016 | Telepresence Options


Plans Open House Event and Demonstration of Equal-I Technology at their Santiago HQ on August 18th 4-7:00 PM

WEST CHESTER, OH August 2nd, 2016 - ADAPTOR Chile, a leading visual collaboration solution provider in South America, is pleased to announce a partnership with Array Telepresence that will enable immersive telepresence conferencing solutions for the company's clients.

The Equal-i Image Processor from Array is designed to upgrade video conferencing endpoints to immersive telepresence at a fraction of the costs usually associated with high-end systems, and makes use of customers' existing videoconferencing systems. The Equal-i system combines image improvement algorithms and a high-performance Image Processor, which sits between a specially designed camera and the customer's videoconferencing codec. The processor improves and enhances both the scene that is sent, improving how a company's executives and subject matter experts look when conferencing, and also improves the incoming scene improving the experience for the company's executives as well.

Adaptor_Chili_Array_Demo_Room.jpgThe Array Telepresence Showroom @ ADAPTOR Chile

Claudio Ojeda, Director General of ADAPTOR Chile, commented: "Our partnership with Array Telepresence allows us to dramatically improve the videoconferencing experience of our clients and create immersive telepresence environments at 1/10 th of the cost of competitive solutions."

Amongst the many visible improvements are better clarity of those participants sitting furthest from the camera, which is achieved by increasing the pixel count on their faces by 6.5 times that of a PTZ camera, and 'Equal-i-sing' their size to the size of closer participants. The Array solution also improves vertical eye-line, the meeting format takes on an 'across the table' experience, stand-up capture is enabled, and it drives a dual-screen, wide-format display using a single codec with no impact on bandwidth.


Santiago Chile Open House & Demo Week Events - ADAPTOR Chile will be hosting an open house and demonstration of Equal-i Technology on Thursday, August 18th from 4-7:00 PM at their offices at Av. Vitacura 2909 of.216, Las Condes Please RSVP to either [email protected] , or [email protected] . For organizations that can't attend the Open House Event ADAPTOR Chile will be participating in Array's Global Demo Week event the following week August 22nd-26th where they have the ability to call and demonstrate Equal-i Technology over videoconferencing with technical and sales assistance available in both Spanish and English.


Array Telepresence is the world leader in telepresence cameras and image improvement technology designed to cost- effectively improve the world's 2,000,000+ videoconferencing rooms. Array Telepresence's Equal-i Technology enables immersive telepresence in standard conference rooms using an organization's existing videoconferencing systems. The company's revolutionary cameras and Image Processor dramatically improve the scene before handing it to the videoconferencing codec. Farthest participants are brought "Up Close and Personal", eye-line improved, meeting format improved, camera concealed, and the system populates dual displays using a single codec to create a large format view of the remote scene bringing in the eye's peripheral vision improving the sense of immersion. The company makes it cost-effective to upgrade dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of videoconferencing rooms to immersive telepresence with no impact to the network or video network infrastructure. The company also offers Immersive PTZTM the industry's only solution that improves calls bi-directionally uniquely improving the scene coming from conventional videoconferencing systems using Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras.


ADAPTOR Chile is a Strategic Communications Solutions Provider in Santiago Chile. ADAPTOR began its operations in 2003 oriented to peripherals and terminals for telephony and headsets for call centers. With a permanent annual growth near to 25% since 2009, ADAPTOR has been steadily diversifying its product range, maintaining a strong focus on quality brands and high service level. ADAPTOR is delighted to have built out South America's first Array Telepresence showroom at its headquarters in Santiago with the ability to remotely demonstrate Array's capabilities to any enterprise with videoconferencing with technical sales assistance available in both Spanish and English.

Contact: Howard Lichtman, C2O
[email protected]

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