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Infinity 11 now available

December 17, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Story and images by Pepix

Adds more than 25 new features to platform

With Pexip Infinity 11, there are tons of good reasons to getting your upgrade or engagement with Pexip Infinity going.

With more than 25 new features and enhancements, it has something up the sleeve for both the user and the administrator.

Here's 25 or so good reasons to get you on your way to Infinity 11.

User experience enhancements

Pexip Fusion

Pexip Fusion is a technology that greatly enhances the user experience for everyone that joins a video meeting that contains a mix of legacy videoconferencing endpoints and Microsoft® Skype™ for Business or Lync users. Fusion automatically makes sure everyone benefits from the user experience their connection client intended, and makes meetings more intuitive and productive.

Also read: Pexip Fusion - a quick introduction.

One-click join when you use Infinity Connect

When you join meetings from a web browser, you use the Pexip Infinity Connect client. With Infinity 11 you can enjoy connecting to your meetings with a single click, streamlining the experience further, and making that of meeting simpler and more intuitive. - See more at:

Support for Microsoft® Edge with Infinity Connect

The Infinity Connect browser-based client now works in the Microsoft® Edge web browser.

More comprehensive branding and themes

Lots of additional indicators, icons, background colors, and text can now be customized using themes. You can also apply themes directly to Gateway Rules to customize presence avatars in Lync® and Skype™ for Business.

Configurable auto escalation of Lync® audio calls

Callers that dial in to a meeting using audio-only can be escalated to receive video. This behavior is now configurable; Infinity will not automatically send video to the participant.

Changes to Host and Guest PIN behavior

PIN codes can now end with a hash sign (#), effectively enabling host and guest PINs to the same conference to be of different lengths, and allowing users that enter the PIN incorrectly to hit # to restart the PIN entry process

Lync® response group support

Infinity now supports Lync® Response Group call management - which means callers - via for instance WebRTC from a web site - can be queued up and attended to by Lync® or Skype™ for Business users in the back office. -

Mute all guests in a Virtual Auditorium™

Does exactly what it says on the tin: When you start a meeting with multiple participants in a Virtual Auditorium™, you can have everyone automatically muted as they join - then bring everyone in as needed, or as a group. - See more at:

Infinity Connect users can change participant roles

Host participants can now promote Guests to the Host role. Very useful if the Host of the meeting needs to leave the meeting, but wants to keep the meeting going. In a meeting with one Host and several Guests, the conference will terminate if the Host leaves. Promoting a Guest to Host will keep it going.

Support for new parameters in pre-configured invitation URLs

A simple invite URL you send to other participants may include parameters that prompts an Infinity Connect web browser client to immediate access the microphone and camera, or simply contain the Virtual Reception extension or Lync Conference ID, so invited users will not need to manually enter these.

Send DTMF to manually dialed participants

You can set up Infinity 11 to send out a DTMF sequence after you have dialed out to a participant from a conference.

Last conference participant timeout

You can configure how long a conference will stay active with just a single participant. By default, a conference with a single participant will not terminate.

Additional options to determine whether an ADP can keep a conference alive

An Automatically Dialed Participant (ADP) - for instance an endpoint that is dialed once someone enters a Virtual Meeting Room - can be set to either keep the conference alive, or terminate.

Infinity Connect users can auto-mute microphone when joining

Simply enable this feature to make sure you join meetings with your microphone muted by default. It makes sure you don't enter the meeting, take the stage and disturb, as you join should you have a noisy background or for instance be on the move.



Administrator features and enhancements

Deploy on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pexip customers can how deploy their entire Pexip Infinity solution on Amazon's cloud, and make it a private, public, or even hybrid deployment. It could not be simpler or quicker - just use the Amazon Machine Image, and deploy as if it were in your data center.

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Optimized Lync gateway functionality

Pexip Infinity's Lync® and Skype™ for Business gateway functionality has been optimized to deliver improved bandwidth optimizations while retaining video quality and experience by improving the logic of what is being passed as media - depending on what is requested.

KVM and Xen Hypervisor support

You can now deploy Pexip Infinity on the freely available open source Xen and KVM hypervisors. Pexip Infinity now effectively supports any virtualized environment.

VMware ESXi 6.0 support

Infinity 11 adds support for all the new and exciting features in VMware® ESXi® 6.0, released earlier in 2015.

Intel AVX2 instruction set support

The Intel® AVX2 instruction set greatly optimizes video encoding and decoding performance, effectively providing and even higher capacity per core. Customers that upgrade from a previous version of Infinity, and that have processors that support AVX2 (Haswell or newer), may see a capacity increase of about 20% from their existing hardware. VMware® users must run ESXI® 6.0 to benefit from this update.

Web App branding upload

Infinity now supports uploading and automatic distribution of Infinity Connect for web branding themes created using the Pexip branding portal or manually.

Also read: Pexip's branding portal - create themes in minutes.

H.323 gatekeeper functionality

Infinity 11 adds H.323 endpoint registration so that Infinity can be set up as a complete SIP registrar and H.323 gatekeeper for legacy endpoints and Infinity Connect clients for desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux) and mobile (Android only).

Also read: Pexip adds distributed multi-protocol call control

View registered aliases

Displays a list of all aliases that are registered to the Pexip Infinity platform.

Enhanced VMR provisioning via LDAP

When you bulk-provision VMRs from directory information in an LDAP/AD server, Infinity now supports automatic daily synchronization, customizable LDAP fields, and filtering, so that keeping your VMR deployment up to date with who's in the directory is all automated and simplified.

Ability to change a Conferencing Node location

You can change the system location of an existing Conferencing Node.

Improved trusted CA certificate management

You can now upload, view and delete individual trusted CA certificates, in addition to being able to import a file with one or more certificates. An alarm is raised when a certificate is due to expire within the next 30 days.

Ability to limit media capabilities of calls

You can now specify the media capabilities for certain types of calls on a per-call (for gateway calls) or per-conference basis (for VMRs or Virtual Auditoriums). You can then better manage resources when for instance calling out to audio-only participants. You can also configure the capabilities of the Virtual Reception.

Lync® IVR gateway conference lookup location

You can now specify the location that will perform the Lync® Conference ID lookup on the Lync server. This can assist in scenarios where an external device connects to a Virtual Reception via a Conferencing Node in the DMZ and that node is not trusted by the Lync® FEP.

Alarm when Management Node limit is reached

An alarm automatically triggers when you reach the maximum management capacity of the Management Node.

For more information:

Visit our technical documentation area at

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