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Array Telepresence Offers Three New Game Changing Capabilities

December 22, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Array Telepresence enables life-size, immersive telepresence in regular conference rooms and boardrooms using an organizations existing videoconferencing system and Array's Equal-I Technology. Until recently the capability required having Array's revolutionary image-processor on both sides of the call. The company recently announced three new revolutionary capabilities: Immersive Everywhere that allow organizations to send a dramatically improved, life-size telepresence scene to partners and customers that don't yet have Array, Immersive PTZ which improves the scene an organization receives from videoconferencing systems that don't yet have Array, and Video+Content- a revolutionary single- screen version of their image-improved scene that improves video call quality while going through MCUs, video bridges, VMRs, and when connecting with desktop videoconferencing clients like Skype4B, Zoom, and Videxio.


Array's Immersive Everywhere capability allows you to send Array's life-size, immersive telepresence scene to dual-screen videoconferencing systems that don't yet have Array.

Immersive Everywhere
While Array always offered basic interop to non-Array systems, the full benefits of the improved experience were only seen in Array to Array calls. Now, thanks to Immersive Everywhere, Array systems can provide the improved Array experience to any third party endpoint. Now Array owners can "wow" their clients and partners when calling from their Array enabled rooms. The far side will see the improved experience (the "after" pic above) bringing your execs up front and close for a fully engaging discussion.


Array's Immersive PTZ improves the incoming scene from a videoconferencing system with a pan-tilt-zoom camera even if the location doesn't have Array. The Array Image Processor receives the incoming scene, performs image improvement, and then scales and balances the scene across dual displays.

Immersive PTZ
While the ability for an Array system to push out an Array experience to 3rd party endpoints is great, it only solves half the problem. What about the people in the Array enabled room? Don't they deserve an improved experience as well? They certainly do, and now they can get it with the Array Immersive PTZ capability. The Array system can take the incoming video from a third party system, and improves it using their proprietary technology. In other words, as long as one party to the call is Array, both sides get a full Array experience. In an industry that values full experience interoperability, this is simply a game changer as it makes each Array room a bi-directional upgraded experience for all calls.


It's easy to switch between dual-screen immersive telepresence and Video+Content & Array scales nicely from 4-16+ seats. The screen on the left is showing 4 participants around a 12 person table that seats 8 for videoconferencing . The data screen on the right is showing a 16 person immersive telepresence room that seats 20 for non-videoconferencing meetings using Array's DX Camera, Image Processor and 90 inch displays.

While the Array experience is fantastic on a dual monitor set-up, the Array team is well aware that many rooms only have a single monitor. They have responded by creating Video+Content, which provides an Array experience even when being viewed on a single monitor. This new capability completely expands the potential reach of the Array experience to the large number of single monitor meeting rooms. It also allows dual monitor setups to be used in a new way as the video can be shifted to fit in one monitor, allowing the second to be used for content share.

See For Yourself
One interesting side benefit of these new capabilities is that it is now possible for you to experience Array for yourself. There is no longer the need to drive to a room fitted with an Array system to experience Array. You can schedule a demo with the Array team and they will call your traditional meeting room system at your location. Thanks to the new capabilities, you will be able to see and feel the benefits of the improved, face-to-face Array experience. For more information, you can contact...

Videoconferencing has come a long way. It is finally affordable, flexible, and reliable. The final barriers to adoption are all experienced based. Array Telepresence has taken a very unique and powerful approach to solving the PTZ headache. While they aren't alone in trying to solve this problem, their approach avoids the common problems of distracting moving physical cameras, or complicated controls. These announcements greatly broadens the reach the Array experience by enabling the full Array experience when calling 3rd party systems. In fact, don't be surprised if you find yourself in an Array call sometime soon!

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