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Presenting Well on Video Is the New Career Prerequisite

September 10, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Story and images by Caroline Ceniza-Levine / MONEY

You may not be an on-air personality, but today's careers require everyone to be a video star.

With the increasing ease of video technology - Skype, Periscope - presenting well on video is a career advantage and fast-becoming a prerequisite. At all stages of career, from landing a job to developing professional to leading increasingly global teams, the everyday professional, not just the media or marketing group, needs video skills. Here are some real-life examples where video matters, and tips for getting more comfortable in front of the camera:

Virtual job interviews increasingly include video, not just phone interviews

Colin Day is immersed in all things recruiting-related, as President and CEO of iCIMS, an applicant tracking software system. He encourages his hiring clients to opt for video screening. He recommends video as a way for hiring managers to identify a candidate's soft skills and level of engagement. According to Day, the candidates are embracing the technology as well, with 40% of candidates believing that video screening will give them an advantage.

As a recruiter, I have worked with several companies who relied on video screening. The hiring companies were in media, technology, and non-profit, so use of video is spans across industries. One company used video screening at the intern and entry-level to save time over live interviews, but also to standardize the process and ensure that all candidates got the same questions and had the same opportunity to shine. Another company used video interviews particularly at the senior levels to enable more senior executives, who were often located in disparate geographies, a chance to vet the candidates. The third company used video interviews across the board.

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