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Video Capture One (VCap1), a Platform to Reach Millions of People with Whatever Message or Announcement Via Your Own Private Broadcasting Platform

July 27, 2015 | Telepresence Options


VCap1, a product of (built for creative minds and fun loving people all over the world) is currently available on iTunes.

" is pleased to introduce Video Capture One, otherwise known as VCap1. VCap1 comes with the power and privileges of Streamie�. What is Streamie�? Streamie� allows live video to be delivered instantly to people anywhere around the world. VCap1 Streamie� allows you to focus and show any event or announcement to millions of people instantly. You can now show your graduation or your birthday; show your wedding and everything about your new family; the birth of your new bundle of joy; the performance of your child on the football field or school organized event(s); your next business meeting or teleconferencing; your next job interview & training; the dress at the store; the food at the restaurant; your next meeting with your band or group, your political announcement or whatever is happening in public places. Invite and allow as many people as you like to see what you are presenting. There is simply no limit," says Henry I. Balogun, Founder/CEO of announced.

VCap1, the gateway to the masses in an instant, is also equipped with a means to reach people one-on-one. Users can now call and talk to anyone, anywhere, around the world at no cost whatsoever. VCap1 is ready to be used creatively,

Users have the power to:

  1. Launch their music career or new business start-up on the world stage, instantly
  2. Conduct business meeting with one person or a group of people anywhere around the world
  3. Focus on and show public gatherings or protests like never before
  4. Show political announcements or political messages to millions
  5. Show and deliver evangelistic messages to millions in an instant
  6. Conduct their next job interview & training regardless of distance and time
  7. Reach out and have one-on-one conversations with any person or the largest number of people anywhere around the world, instantly. There has never been anything like this before!

VCap1 is like no other instant video delivery platform ever seen. Delivery comes via mobile device. To say that "I missed your presentation," or whatever message is not an option - video messages come knocking. In addition to video delivery, VCap1 also comes with text message utility at the speed of technology. Login to register and download the app. Users can allow themselves to experience this new instant video and text delivery platform up-close! Do not forget to click on the Friend Request link within the app to start building a Recipient list.

"Call it video conferencing reinvented, video delivery repackaged, or face-to-face communication rewired! VCap1 is your message gateway to one person or millions of people, instantly. VCap1 is not about recording and posting videos hoping that your friends and followers on social media would login to see it. There has never been anything like this before - instant access to the masses via mobile device. You can now reach the world faster than ever available," Dr. Balogun emphasized

Come in and see why VCap1 is spreading like an inferno. Try it at no cost for 15 days, and if you like it, keep it and make a onetime payment of $34.99. No monthly payments ever! 5% of every purchase shall be donated for the treatment of mental illness and behavioral health. Do not forget to download PrimeHangout's other mobile apps.

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