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Video Conferencing, Webinar & Webcasting Software Services - A Merging Technology

April 13, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Webinar software service, Webinar Jam, releases 7 new disruptive innovations in their new webinar platform launch, blurring further the once clear lines between video conferencing, webinars and webcasts.

United States - April 13, 2015 /PressCable/ --

With the ever growing speed of technological advancement and development, and the need to stay ahead of the competition, many webinar platforms are increasingly moving into areas once the exclusive preserve of live video conferencing and webcasts.

Distinctions still exist but quickly growing fewer by the day. Eventually however, it is anticipated that many of the online live broadcasting platforms will offer such a degree of service flexibility to remain in the competitive game, that the once clear dichotomy between these platform types will continue to blur until they disappear completely.

Web Conferencing usage has traditionally focused on business to business meetings, high levels of interactivity between for example, company employees or other work groups, they often involve the transfer of presentational control to participants, use of polls, online collaboration and sharing capabilities.

In contrast, Webcasts traditionally use the internet to broadcast information that is either live or recorded.

The transmission of information in webcasts is traditionally one-way, from speaker to audience, with no interactivity. For example, a company may broadcast a recording of a software demonstration on a new product that was recorded several days ago, in addition to conducting the live call. Or they may wish to simply run it as a recorded event without a live call.

Over time however, webcast software services added new functionality that one commonly now finds in webinar platforms, blurring the distinction between the two.

Many webcasts today allow for audience surveys and polls, live chat communication with presenters and other two-way communications, for example the sharing of audience comments and replies in the chat window that the whole audience can see, much like webinars.

And like webinars, there is rarely any sharing of control of the presentation with members of the audience or guests. However, this distinction is quickly changing.

For example, recently, webinar software developers and online marketers, Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime of Marketing Genesis, launched 7 new disruptive innovations as part of their new product launch called Webinar Jam Studio, which redefines Webinars and how they can be used.

The new Studio service allows webinar administrators to invite ANY webinar attendee to become a guest, host or presenter at any time during the broadcast, much like many video conferencing platforms. This opens webinars to greater audience interactivity, for example, Q&A, coaching sessions, guest appearances, demonstrations, live testimonials and hot seats.

Webinar Jam Studio also now allows administrators to load up to five pre-recorded videos with HD quality and high fidelity sound that can be played during a live broadcast, opening up a host of interesting opportunities. For example, a product owner may decide to play that perfect sales or product demonstration video without the mistakes and technical glitches of trying to do so live. Or there may be some advantage to playing a recorded customer testimonial, as great social proof of the popularity of their product or service..

The Webinarjam product owners are also working on a new Jams On-Demand Marketplace for all live and recorded webinars that can be searched online by anyone interested in learning or buying things on webinars, And during their pre-launch, which ends April 21 2014, the product owners are giving away comprehensive webinar training and other software services to help companies make webinars a profitable new marketing channel.

For the full story direct from the owners click here -

The WebinarJam platform was originally launched in December 2013. In just over one year they have clocked up over 28 million people that have attended a webinar through their service, a significant milestone for a company so young, and perhaps testament to the success of their product in such a highly competitive market.

For a Youtube video review of 5 of the 7 disruptive innovations click here -

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Contact Info:
Name: Report by Graham Cardona
Organization: Webinar Jams

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