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3D sound will be demonstrated at CES by 3D Sound Labs in their new Neoh headphones

January 5, 2015 | Telepresence Options


Story and images by Aaron Kraus / Technology Tell

3D sound is a pretty catchy buzzword, but how do you actually recreate the three dimensionality of sound like we hear in every day life? 3D Sound Labs' newly-announced Neoh headphones provide the closest thing to real life sound I've ever heard by using a very simple bit of tech: the accelerometer.

Turn your head

When we listen to someone in real life, our brains automatically map the sound based on the delay for sound to reach each of our ears. Put simply, even with your eyes closed you can tell people are to the right of you when they're speaking because their voice hits your right ear sooner than your left ear. Even the most complex home theater systems can't recreate this effect because the speakers are stationary. When you're sitting in just the right spot you feel like you're immersed in the sound, but turn your head slightly and the illusion is broken.


To overcome this, 3D Sound Labs adds a simple sensor to their Neoh headphones to track your head movements. The customized app running on your iPhone/iPad processes this data and adjusts the sound so it really feels like you're immersed in the audio environment. When a speaker is onscreen, turning your head to the left causes more sound to play in your right ear, so your brain literally feels like you're part of the action. The sensor is incredibly sensitive, so even slight head motions side to side or up and down produce differences in audio, which enhances the feeling of being inside the listening environment.

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