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December 5, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Huawei eSpace 8950 video phone

In October 2014, Huawei has recently launched its high-end video phone---eSpace 8950, and received nearly ten thousands of orders. Soon, the supply is not adequate to the demand. Numerous agents and customers are waiting for goods delivery. What makes eSpace 8950 so magnificent?

Full-touch user experience: Feel fashionable, elegant, and confident at your fingertips

Full-touch operations are ruling the world. The growing popularity of intelligent mobile terminals has fostered user habits in using new communication methods: full-touch operations are gradually replacing traditional push-button operations.

The Business-to-Consumer (B2C) concept is subverting the Business-to-Business (B2B) concept. Intelligent mobile terminals feature the sleek appearance and concise user interface (UI), which has a great impact on your aesthetic view to enterprise communication terminals. To better adapt to the B2C concept, enterprise communication terminals must be more fashionable and deliver optimal experience, making enterprise communication more pleasant and efficient. eSpace 8950 is Huawei's new-generation full-HD video phone. Thanks to its fashionable appearance and exquisite UI, eSpace 8950 ignites administrators' passion for desktop office.

Delicate details: The pioneering phone has a 6mm ultra-thin body to present inherent beauty. The multi-touch design subverts the traditional push-button design. The handset fits hands well. The base is angle-adjustable to focus sight naturally. High-quality aluminum alloy showcases superb material quality. A highly sensitive, In-Plane Switching (IPS) touchscreen offers a super-wide viewing angle to capture more image details.

Lifelike UI: The video phone provides a consistent user experience across computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The flattened UI enables you to perform frequent operations within three steps. Full-touch video conferences deliver an optimal video experience and simplified conference control.

Context-aware continuous communication: With the hands-free function, voice is automatically switched to a Bluetooth headset when a user wears it. When the user leaves the office zone, the voice is automatically switched to the user's mobile phone. The user continues voice communication using the Bluetooth headset without switching to the headset of the mobile phone. The context awareness technology ensures continuous communication and individualized experience in case of a user location change. eSpace 8950 incorporates fashion elements into fingertip operations. It is not only an IP phone, but also an elegant and confident attitude.

Full HD: high voice and video quality

External beauty attracts only temporary attention, while internal beauty is the most significant. An outstanding video phone must be "beautiful internally and externally": nice-looking and good-natured.

Static codec? No: Traditional voice and video technologies support broadband or full-band voice only using static negotiation-based static codec. The negotiation at the moment when a call is set up determines the codec once and for all, which is difficult to adapt to poor network conditions. When network quality is deteriorating, a voice and video freeze or disconnection may occur, leading to call interruptions.

Full-band 48 kHz codec, robust voice, and optimal video quality: eSpace 8950 is designed with two high-fidelity audio speakers that accurately reproduce sound. What is worth noticing is network adaptation. During a call, eSpace 8950 automatically adjusts the transmission rate based on network conditions to ensure voice and video quality even in the case of a 20% packet loss rate. This delivers high communication quality at low bandwidth. eSpace 8950 also employs a full-band voice codec with a sampling rate as high as 48 kHz, which provides CD-like voice quality. The video phone is equipped with a full-HD 1080p camera for a truly immersive experience. The camera provides a shutter to protect privacy.

HDMI-based video conference experience: As a high-end video phone, eSpace 8950 also provides a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to project the content from the video phone to a large screen, quickly changing an office to a small video conference room.

Intelligent Android desktop: accommodating a growing number of applications

Consumers have been accustomed to a variety of applications on smartphones and tablets. Terminals with few functions will be abandoned.

eSpace 8950 is a smart terminal rather than a traditional IP phone or video phone. It inherits intelligence genes from the Android operating system to accommodate multimedia applications. In addition to built-in applications (including the calculator, calendar, clock, email, electronic album, and browser), you can also install concerned third-party applications, such as news, weather, and media player.

Powerful enterprise communication tool: rich functionality and high security

Diverse enterprise communication services: Smartphones provide primarily consumer services, while eSpace 8950 works with Unified Communications (UC) systems to provide a wide assortment of enterprise communication services, including corporate directory, voice mailbox, and extension mobility. The rich functionality effectively enhances enterprise communication efficiency.

High security: eSpace 8950 supports enterprise-level deployment. Enterprises manage and control sensitive and essential information to ensure high security. However, mobile Internet data is stored in third-party data centers,

which brings information security risks to enterprises. Therefore, eSpace 8950 better adapts to enterprise communication scenarios and meets security requirements.

Flexible management: visualized and web-based, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get

Management complexity is a significant factor that influences Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs. Particularly for terminals, the complexity of a single terminal dramatically increases with the quantity of terminals, and may become a big trouble to enterprise IT departments. Configuration usability is also a focus of complaints to IT departments.

eSpace 8950 provides a variety of management modes for IT maintenance personnel and end users to easily and flexibly configure, manage, and maintain phones. In addition to the Android-based management UI, eSpace 8950 provides a web-based management page that can be accessed by users through a computer. Users can also manage video phones in batches through Huawei's enterprise network management system eSight. The visualized and web-based management UIs remarkably simplify phone management.

Simple deployment: plug-and-play, batch configuration, and simplified operations

Enterprises usually deploy massive amounts of IP phones. In a traditional deployment mode, users have to configure IP phones one after another, which greatly increases workload. Moreover, IP phones are connected through network cables that require massive amounts of switch ports, which also increases deployment and maintenance costs.

With active device discovery, batch configuration, and batch upgrade functions provided by eSight, eSpace 8950 implements automatic deployment and configuration, greatly simplifying device deployment and maintenance. Additionally, eSpace 8950 supports wired and wireless access. Dual GE ports reduce desktop network ports. Wi-Fi

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