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Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile client unfolds a new upsurge in Mobile Video Communication

November 12, 2014 | Telepresence Options


As the advent of mobile Internet puts an end to PC-centered era, smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices quickly dominate the emerging market with a large number of consumers. Under the wave of change, the application scope of video communication products has been broadened step by step. It has gradually become a trend for enterprises to replace the video communication products with mobile client, contributing to create greater commercial value in the video conferencing field.

To better serve the customers, Huawei recently launched TE Desktop & Mobile client, which allows users to initiate or join the video conference anytime and anywhere via PC, Mobile phone, PAD, etc. The seamless communication via video conference or telepresence delivers smooth high-definition audio and video communication experience, but also enables the content sharing with remote sites, or receiving the presentations from remote sites.

Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile client can run on multiple platforms including iOS, Android as well as ordinary PCs. Nevertheless, it allows for seamless integration with Huawei telepresence and video conference system over the Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G network.

Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile client has been designed with a user-friendly and intuitive operation interface, which allows for shorter learning curve. In addition, either audio or video call is available for different actual needs. On one hand, Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile client Enables or disable local cameras during calls, enabling free switching between video and audio communication. From another aspect, TE Mobile client also supports the flexible switchover between front and rear cameras. Even during the real-time video calls, users can still switch the active camera. To create more convenience in initiating a conference, Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile soft client also supports local and network directory. When users are placing or receiving a call, the system automatically displays details of the called or calling number if it matches the entry in the directory.

In terms of security, Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile client supports SRTP and TLS protocols, as well as signaling and media stream encryption, ensuring the security for video communication.

Considering the different network requirements, Huawei employs its patented SEC3.0 (super error concealment), ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest), and PLC (packet loss concealment) technologies, which can compensate for the packet loss caused by poor network, ensuring the voice quality during video communication. This approach enables the stable audiovisual communication experience, even over the unstable network. Furthermore, Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile supports automatic version downloading, online upgrade and software upgrade without any impact on original data, facilitating more effective video collaboration.

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