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Huawei's New Mobile Medical Cart Solution Extends the Remote Care to the wards of hospitals

October 30, 2014 | Telepresence Options


What will you do with a rare disease that cannot be cured in community hospitals and local hospitals? In the past, we only have to seek help from the central hospital or famous hospitals far away. Nowadays, the telemedicine solution allows the patients to enjoy the remote real-time diagnosis by the famous doctors from other high-level hospitals, bringing more convenient and comfortable medical care experiences.

Recently, Huawei launched its new mobile medical cart solution for empowering medical service with mobility , facilitating the remote medical treatment from professional medical office, extending the medical care to the ward or operating room, thereby delivering more convenience to patients and medical personnel.

By leveraging Huawei's HD videoconferencing technologies, the medical cart has been integrated with medical industrial PC, display, camera, etc. In addition to enabling high -definition video communication, the medical cart can collect patient's medical data, including their ECG, blood pressure, ultrasonic, electronic medical records, and inspection reports, and present it to remote experts. With such data, the remote experts can understand the body situation of the patients and make more accurate diagnosis. The experts can also log into the information system of local hospitals to input the doctor's advice, thus enhancing the efficiency of remote diagnosis.

As one of the top leaders of videoconferencing market, huawei mobile medical cart features in user experience, product stability and reliability. Compared to other competing products, there's no doubt that these outstanding performances can perfectly meet the strict requirements of the medical industry.

Full integration and HD video and Data Rendering enables more Precise Diagnosis

Huawei mobile medical cart enables multi-channel of data acquisition and rendering such as electronic medical records, inspection reports, medical imaging, ultrasound, vital signs, which effectively assist the medical staff to speed up the daily work. Meanwhile, the cart is able to stream the industry-leading 1080p HD dynamic dual images, providing real "face to face" consultation environment and presenting important medical data of patients to the remote doctor, whom can obtain accurate information and conduct more effective diagnosis.

The Stability and Reliability Ensures Worry-free Medical Care

Huawei's videoconferencing system features 9-level system backup mechanism and multi-level reliability design, ensuring the continuity and stability of the remote consultation. In terms of security, the mobile medical cart is professionally designed with encryption mechanism including H.235 signaling, AES media streaming, TSL signaling and SRTP media stream. It delivers powerful end-to-end security protection, guaranteeing the safety of the consultation process, and preventing the patients from information leakage of health care due to the remote medical treatment.

Super Network Adaptability Meets the Diversified Demands of Applications

Considering the characteristics of the nurses' duties, the cart can enable them to easily access the hospital Intranet via wireless network in WiFi covered area, optimizing the clinical medical treatment and the nurse task management. Meanwhile, using the latest H. 264 coding technology and huawei's patented anti-packet loss technology, the cart possesses the powerful network adaptability and packet loss resilience, greatly improving the efficiency of image compression under the same bandwidth. It can provide the users with more vivid, more clear, more smooth images, ensuring the stable audio and video communication under the different network environment.

IT-enabled healthcare represented by telemedicine is a milestone in the healthcare industry, and will radically disrupt the traditional healthcare models by streamlining and refining healthcare services.

Huawei mobile medical cart will play an important role in other medical applications such as intensive care, patient trusteeship, teaching and making the rounds of the wards, facilitating the development of the hospital medical services.

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