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Bringing Videoconferencing into SMEs

October 22, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Nowadays, you simply connect a set-top box to your TV when you want to watch your favorite TV programs. For most of the people, there are no obstacles or technical thresholds about this since the deployment process is very simple and convenient. Video conferences are growing more popular and becoming simpler and easier. All we need now is a TV set with a plug-in small box, which enables face-to-face communication in real time with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Huawei TE30 makes all this possible.

WI-FI Connection Creates Convenient and Speedy Communication

Traditional videoconferencing systems are difficult to install and configure, and can only be deployed and commissioned by qualified IT personnel. In addition, complex cable connections may lead to frequent faults and high maintenance costs.

Adopting a unique all-in-one design that integrates a microphone and camera along with the necessary codecs and software, the TE30 substantially reduces cable connections, installation complexities, fault occurrences, and maintenance costs. In addition, the TE30 is Wi-Fi enabled and seamlessly interworks with microphone arrays, touch screen tablets, and other endpoints.

The wireless connection and integrated design of TE30 simplifies equipment installation, cable connection, system testing. It just takes 5 minutes at most from unpacking the product to starting a video conference without any specialized technical guidance, which greatly enhances the efficiency and eliminates lots of inconvenience.

Wi-Fi support, another TE30 feature, brings unprecedented convenience for video conferences. As long as Wi-Fi is available at conference rooms, users can easily relocate TE30 at different conference rooms. Meanwhile, participants can take turns to share the content without plugging out the cables, thus improving the efficiency and convenience.

HD Camera with 12x Optical Zoom Suits Diversified Conferencing Scenarios

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have varied conference rooms in terms of sizes and decoration environments. Therefore, how can the users achieve the stable videoconferencing experience in different environments? TE30 is a great choice in answering this question.

The 1080p HD camera of TE30 supports 12 x optical zoom. The built-in microphone enables up to 6-meter pickup distance, which breaks through the limitation of the room size and delivers the best experience in different rooms. In order to mitigate the impact from decoration environments, TE30 is designed with the new Video Motion Enhancement (VME) technologies, intelligent face recognition, and front-to- rear video processing capabilities. This design achieves optimal video definition and smoothness under different light conditions.

Built-in HD MCU Makes It Easier and More Cost-effectively to Hold Multi-Point Meetings

Multi-point meetings (for example, three- or four-party meetings) are also common at SMEs, in addition to point-to-point meetings. To support multi-point meetings, SMEs have to purchase a dedicated Multiple Control Unit (MCU), which is expensive and results in much waste due to the low utilization rate.

To help SMEs resolve this dilemma, TE30 is equipped with a built-in HD MCU that allows for up to four HD video calls and three voice calls concurrently. With TE30, SMEs can collaborate more efficiently during their daily operations, with no need to purchase the expensive MCU. TE30 users can join the same conferences with H.323 and SIP endpoint users.

Driven by the growing bandwidth-efficiency and video communication technologies, video conferencing -- one of the most effective ways to communicate and collaborate -- will be applied in more fields and across more industries. Huawei keeps up with this trend by launching TE30 that features user-friendly product design, intelligent interaction, simple operations, and high-definition video communication over the Internet. With these compelling features, holding a video conference at SMEs is now as simple as watching TV.

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