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The Swimarium 3D: Telepresence Environment Immerses you in the Greatest Diving Spots and Beaches on Earth!

August 26, 2014 | Telepresence Options


You have certainly been to a swimming pool before, maybe to a planetarium too... Now hold your breath for the Swimarium� 3D.

Great Barrier Reef... Galapagos...Tiger Beach... Palau... Bali... Fidji... French Polynesia...Maldives... The Bahamas... Where do you want to swim today ? The Swimarium�3D will take you into your dream diving spot. In One click.


With all its boundaries made out of glass under which LED screens are broadcasting live (or recorded) imagery, you can choose your favorite diving spot reef amongst a selection of the best ones in the world, the Swimarium� underwater cameras live feed network will provide you with the first of its kind underwater entertainment experience.

Not thrilling enough? Now, put on your 3D goggles (OVA Studio first) and enjoy the show. The cameras and the screens will be filming and broadcasting in 3D, on demand. Imagine the effect of swimming surrounded by a school of jacks... And if you dare, seeing some sharks approaching you. Diving with whales, dolphins, would now be possible from home, and thanks to the hydrophones, you will hear their relaxing singing too... Above water the same technology would display on a dome your favorite island/nature spot.



The Swimarium� could be private but also public, as part of a theme park attraction, being used by diving schools to train under relatively real conditions and situations. It will also spread the global consciousness and awareness of the rare and fragile beauty of our oceans and reefs biodiversity by giving anyone the chance to experience it round the corner.

The experience could be extended to other types of environments, just imagine what it would be like to swim in space surrounded with outstanding images of NASA's Hubble, or above Sahara desert dunes... Feeling the 0 gravity yet?



At this stage of development we wonder if a visionary individual, TV channels, like Discovery or National Geographic, or after their incredible work with maps/street view/treks street view/Great Barrier Reef panoramic images, Google Inc. would be interested to develop the Swimarium� live feed with us and bring this next generation entertainment to reality.

Who's jumping in ?

Swimarium� is an OVA Studio Ltd. Hong Kong Trademark. Interested parties are welcome to get in touch with us: [email protected] � 2014 OVA Studio Ltd.

This project was originally featured in South China Morning Post, Style Magazine, with the title: "Luxury pool with a view".

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