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The Mind-Blowing Way Selfies Will Change Our Future. Yes, Selfies

July 15, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Story and images by Forbes

An advanced civilization millions of light years away would surely be forgiven, if asked to describe the modern human race in 2014, answers: Duckface.

What with the current affliction of pouting and puckering the lips for all its worth showing no signs of decline, fueled by a culture of selfies with millions including presidents, princes and even the pope taking them.

So on behalf of humanity, I posed the question to a world-renowned futurist:

When will selfies become seriously uncool and just go away?

Dr. James Canton has advised three White House Administrations and over 100 companies. Recognized by The Economist as one of the leading global futurists, named a "Digital Guru" by CNN and "Dr Future" by Yahoo YHOO -0.7%, he has lead the Institute for Global Futures, a leading think tank, as CEO and Chairman since 1990.

He believes that selfies are not a fad but actually part of our future.

"Selfies are not going to go away," he tells me. "In fact, they're going to morph and change as part of a rich and dynamic media."

He then proceeds to paint a picture of how a new generation of selfies will form an integral role in our lifestyles - where TV, Internet and phone will all converge - creating a new arch or arm.

The selfie, he says, will be the evolution of that.

In predictions that Dr. Canton shares for the very first time, here's how he sees it playing out:

Video selfies

In the near future - or the second generation of selfies, standard picture selfies will be replaced by video selfies. We're already seeing a movement in that direction, so nothing new there.

Augmented reality selfies

Third generation selfies will be used as part of telepresence or augmented reality. The video trend from the second generation of selfies will evolve in a way that allows us to produce selfies on top of other objects or in other places.

"I live in San Francisco," he explains, "but let's say I want to do an 'augmented selfie' on top of the Eiffel Tower, I would be able to produce that. There will be apps that will help me in real time to become a producer of my own selfie media, and turn my friends into my audience. People will start creating festivals of 'selfie augmented realities' and layered experiences. This will become part of a new cultural meme of how people use selfies."

Expect to see augmented reality selfies in about three to five years, he says.

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