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PadBot, a Telepresence Robot. Cool, Fun, Affordable. Buddy for iPad,Android Pad

July 16, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Story and images by Indiegogo

What is PadBot

PadBot is a telepresence robot. People can use PadBot to represent him/her remotely by showing his/her video, voice and movements in real-time. We can control PadBot to move freely and angle its head upward or downward. PadBot uses iPad/iPad Mini/Android pad as its brain. PadBot connect with iPad via wireless Bluetooth 4.0.

The PadBots communicate with each other by using WiFi/4G connections. This connectivity are already been built into iPad/Android pad. The shape of PadBot looks like a white goose, which is elegant and human friendly. The height of PadBot is around 90 cm. This is suitable for working in indoor environment.


PadBot greatly enhance the experience of human communications. PadBot serves as another copy of you while communicating remotely. All these simple, yet very useful functions give us tremendous flexibility for face-to-face conversations. Compared to phone calls, PadBot is a great step forward for human communications.

PadBot Helps Us in Daily Life

  • For Busines

The time and money we wasted in business trips are high. Setting up a multi-party conversation sometimes end up in a mess. PadBot utilizes the powerful iOS platform to build a peer-to-peer video & voice communications. With WiFi/4G connections, PadBot gives the staffs great mobility.

We can connect back to office while working in the field. Or we can inspect multiple subcontractors' factories simultaneously. We can invite our penitential clients to visit the demo room in a very cost-effective way. PadBot unleashes the productivity, enables a much more efficient and interactive enterprise communications.


  • For Family

PadBot brings lots of fun to your family members. Kids like play with iPad. By using PadBot, his/her iPad now becomes a fantastic robot. PadBot is kind of the luxury-class gift to your kids. For sure, they are going to love it. PadBot will be hottest Christmas gift, and a coolest show off thing to his/her little friends.

Grandpa & grandma may live in different locations. There is nothing more important than being there with your family members. Since you are too busy to spend hours on the road, now PadBot can bring you back home instantly. We walk around parents just like the good old days.


  • For Lovers

Hours of phone call cannot soothe the hottest love. Seeing loved ones, being there with him/her, playing around are more satisfying. Every single moment counts! PadBot helps a lot to strengthen the love relationship.


  • Yet, Many More Scenarios to be Discovered

PadBot is designed for easier usage. Its application scenarios are only limited by people's imaginations, since communications is universal requirements for human beings. We use it for business, to monitor the production line, having meetings, check the show room etc. We run PadBot for aged persons too. They need more cares by family or community members.

Feel free to discover your application scenarios and have fun! Inbot Technolog Ltd looks forward to your feedback of your new discovery.

Our contact can be found at

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