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The ATA Works Toward Accreditation Telemedicine Program Launch

June 13, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Quick Rx Refills has announced that the American Telemedicine Association has recently reported their current hopes for a fall launch of their primary and urgent care accreditation program within the Telemedicine industry. These accreditation courses will provide better guidelines for two-way direct contact between physicians and patients over a number of videoconferencing technologies.

Quick Rx Refills, an online resource for medical consultations and diagnosis, has reported that the American Telemedicine Association is currently working toward an autumn launch for their accreditation program. This program will provide a secure set of guidelines to the telemedicine and online doctor consultation industry that it is currently lacking.

Telemedicine has only become available through the introduction of online videoconferencing technologies, introduced to the public within the twentieth century. The idea behind this service was originally to promote available medical care within rural communities, but has since advanced into other focuses as well.

Cody Weston, manager of Quick Rx Refills has said on the subject:

"Online Medical Consultations are Convenient for those patients who are traveling or are between office based doctors when needing a medication refill."

The accreditation program being established by ATA revolves around a group of guidelines developed by experts within the medical field, and will provide educational expertise, and references toward operational techniques to give the appropriate form of healthcare to patients in need by trained medical professionals. The coursework and information provided has been approved by American Telemedicine Association board of directors after extensive review.

The ATA has suggested that the goal is ultimately to secure safe medical practices based on up to date information and resources, and that this will require specialized skills and training which will be outlined throughout the materials involved in the program.

Quick Rx Refills has previously expressed support in the field of telemedicine, and these guidelines offer the tools required to evolve this newly formed medical field into something more stable within the healthcare community by establishing true parameters for an area of study that has currently gone undefined for the most part.

Diagnosis and treatments given through telemedicine vary, but primary care provides doctor to patient assistance through video or chat for ailments such as lower back pain, influenza, allergies, as well as respiratory infections in the upper regions. Asthma is another addition to this list of available treatments provided through primary telemedicine, but the guidelines presented by the ATA prohibit treatment of chronic shortness of breath for safety reasons, as it is important for the physician to be in direct physical contact to make an accurate diagnosis of this type of issue.

The ways in which this contact is made varies by patient and physician, and include, but are not limited to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and other videoconferencing technologies with telephonic capabilities. This form of communication both helps and hinders those in rural areas is it allows for faster contact with a healthcare professional, but requires up to date technology to do so.

For further information regarding Telemedicine and this press release, please contact Quick Rx Refills through the following:

Full Name: Cody Weston
E-mail Address: Contact(at)QuickRxRefills(dot)com or

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