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Business Octane launches " TeleAllpresence� 2100" - a new revolution in Immersive Telepresence Experience

June 18, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Business Octane, an Enterprise Visual Collaboration Accelerator and Enterprise Visual Learning Accelerator Solution provider today formally announced the launch at Infocomm 2014 Las Vegas of world's first three display Telepresence experience christened as TeleAllpresence 2100 which maintains Immersive Telepresence experience even in up to 33 locations connected together .

With Launch of TeleAllpresence 2100 solution, Business Octane takes the Telepresence experience to more than 2 locations. Till now the biggest problem with any Telepresence solution existing in the market was that the Telepresence experience was limited to only 2 locations. Beyond 2 locations, it degenerated into no more than a ordinary HD Vide conference experience as either one speaking location was visible to everyone(With no inkling of what the other participants are doing at other connected locations) or all locations were visible to everyone which also caused the speaker ,from any of the locations also to lose being shown as Life like and Real Size. This was also one of the key causes of why whole lot of organizations that had implemented Immersive Telepresence in the first phase stalled/delayed or postponed the further phases of implementation of the same in their organization.

Business Octane's 2100 Dynamic TeleAllpresenceTM with other Business Octane Group Telepresence Systems gives the world's most effective multi-location Immersive Telepresence meeting experience possible because It enables an unprecedented real-time, highest quality true-to-life get together of 18 to 495 participants across 3 to 33 locations simultaneously which till now could not be done effectively ,even in face to face meetings . All this is achieved by setting up multiple location Telepresence experience calls with Business Octane's TeleConnectWizard- Touch or TeleConnectWizard-PC.

At the launch , Sanjay Bansal, Chairman and Managing director of the board said," TeleAllpresence 2100 for the first time would allow all the participants to see all other participants of all other locations at all times on the left and right monitors while also simultaneously seeing the speaker from any location in Life Like Real Size Telepresence view with highest quality eye contact on the centre monitor(centre stage) .The speaking participant's location automatically comes to the center stage to appear in the Telepresence Format with the default view set on the center participants. The other participants have to just press a button on the table so as to become visible when they speak."

He also added, "By pioneering this new experience where the speaker appears always life size and has highest possible eye contact with all location participants while all participants from all locations can see how any individual from any location is reacting to what is being discussed, Business Octane has indeed brought in a new paradigm of business interaction in the way enterprises management and leadership teams can now get together to collaborate and review with each other and with other nationwide/worldwide teams without any compromise. Helping them significantly increase the speed to market and speed of execution of their organization to get a strategic competitive advantage."

He also said that Business Octane has filed a patent for the Dynamic and Group TeleAllpresence experience.

About Business Octane:

Business Octane headquartered at Gurgaon, India, is an innovator in the domains of collaboration and learning.

Business Octane's vision is "to become the world's most preferred Enterprise Productivity Enhancing Solution Provider in the realms of collaboration and learning, helping enterprises become more innovative, efficient and competitive so that they can grow faster and become more profitable".

All the solutions offered by Business Octane are designed as per its value philosophy PDTC (Passionate Difference to Customers) and design philosophy FAST (Functionality, Aesthetics, Simplicity Together) for giving its customers highest return on their investment.

For more information on Business Octane please visit,

For further information, please contact:

Tanushree Mahashur
Business Octane
+91 9650192308
[email protected]

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