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From the MetaMoji User Log: Japanese University Professors Report Research Productivity Gains with MetaMoJi's Share Anytime Whiteboard Meeting Software

April 22, 2014 | Telepresence Options


Co-researchers from several Japanese universities found collaboration improvements by visually demonstrating their ideas with the virtual whiteboard meeting app, Share Anytime.

Three co-researchers remotely collaborated across Japan using MetaMoJi's award-winning virtual meeting app, Share Anytime. Each professor reported that the simultaneous editing environment of Share Anytime made it much easier to visualize each other's inspirations and ideas, even when meeting virtually from remote areas. Since the app can accommodate over a hundred people sketching ideas at one time, it became an ideal tool for collaborative research, brainstorming and presentations.

Associate Professor Masakazu Kozakai from Tamagawa University College of Engineering hosted a "Share Note" meeting with his colleague, Minoru Okada from the Senshu University School of Commerce, and his research student, Shiori Kitami who was in the hospital at the time in her home prefecture of Niigata. Share Anytime permits meeting owners to host a virtual whiteboard session on their tablet computers by sending an email invitation via a "Share Note". In this case, the researchers were all working on iPads, but the app is also sold for Windows 8 and Android tablets.

Professor Kozakai explained: "Originally, Ms. Kitami was using Note Anytime during class. But she hurt her leg and had to spend some time in the hospital. Even so, she is a fourth-year student. She had to continue her studies in order to finish her graduation work. At first, I thought we'd stay in contact and discuss things about the work verbally, but it's not easy to do a lot of talking at a hospital, and since it was her leg that was injured, it wasn't easy for her to leave the hospital. It was at this time that I saw a presentation about Share Anytime, and I thought that using this was our best option. We began to use it to hold meetings with her and inform each other about how things are going, giving instructions, and so on."

Share Anytime provides real-time display of the notes, presentations, sketches and drawings of each meeting member who is assigned editorial permissions. Premium features include their advanced handwriting recognition engine called mazec and a live chat bar so that meeting members can have sidebar discussions without interrupting the speaker. These features were greatly appreciated by the two professors. Professor Kozakai continued, "This time, we had to use it because we're in separate places. She is in the hospital, so she can't speak out loud, and the chat function is really helpful. Sometimes we chat for an hour or two. I was really surprised at how easy the (handwriting conversion engine) "mazec" is. It's packed with features, and that's why it scratches the itch so well. It's something you don't notice until after you've already begun using it."

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