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MantaroBot TeleMe TelePresence Robot Has Enhanced Connectivity Options

February 25, 2014 | Telepresence Options


GERMANTOWN, MD, USA, February 24, 2014/� MantaroBot has enhanced the connectivity of its TeleMe telepresence robot�with a new Multi-WiFi Radio option and a web-based controller called TeleGo. These new capabilities ensure constant connectivity and easy access.

MantaroBot's Telepresence robot is an enhanced telecommunication system, allowing for improved connectivity and easier control.

MantaroBot has enhanced the connectivity of its TeleMe telepresence robot with a new Multi-WiFi Radio option and a web-based controller called TeleGo. These new capabilities along with the flexibility of being able to use the audio video conferencing application of your choice, ensure constant connectivity and easy access.

The brand new Multi-WiFi Radio option is perfect for environments with multiple Wi-Fi zones, such as senior care facilities, warehouses, and large offices. The Multi-WiFi Radio option dedicates one radio as the Wi-Fi router for the tablet, ensuring that there is a steady, stable, and consistent signal. Meanwhile, the other two radios work collectively to ensure ideal connectivity, no matter the environment.

The TeleGo controller permits MantaroBot's telepresence robot to be controlled from any compatible browser on any internet-capable device. Using the TeleGo there is no longer a need to download and install a controller on each device before driving the TeleMe. The user of the TeleMe simply needs to save the TeleGo URL in their browser favorites, and with a couple of clicks, the device is operational.�

The TeleGo controller can control the TeleMe using either the MantaroBot Communications Service�(MCS), a Cloud based option, or a Direct Socket connection for use with private networks to keep everything secure. TeleGo has the same layout and driving features as the standard TeleMe desktop controller, thus eliminating the learning curve when moving between controllers.

"The Multi-WiFi Radio Option and the TeleGo controller provide our users with additional flexibility in where they use the TeleMe and how they control it," said Jeremy Parsons, CEO of MantaroBot.

About the TeleMe Telepresence Robot:

The TeleMe is a 5 foot tall telepresence robot that utilizes a tablet at its top for the Audio/Video interface. The robot can be controlled by a remote user to move around the environment on an inherently stable 3 wheeled platform. The TeleMe is used in a variety of applications, including in businesses for meetings, schools for class attendance, and elder care facilities for visiting family members.

The TeleMe can pan and tilt the tablet without moving the base of the robot, which allows the user to look around while remaining stationary. The robot can also be driven around a facility by remote users at speeds up to 1.4 mile per hour.

The TeleMe can be optioned with tablet holders for Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy TAB. The TeleMe supports any Audio/Video (AV) application that will run on the Tablet.

Applications supported by the TeleMe include the following: Polycom� RealPresence� Mobile, Cisco Jabber�, Vidyo, Facetime, Google Hangout, Citrix GoToMeeting or any other video teleconferencing system that has a compatible iPad or Android App.

"TeleMe allows the user to place a video call to the tablet and to move around and have full interaction with people. TeleMe is a light and very portable telepresence robot and can easily be transported and set up in any location," Parsons states.

Mantaro's Business Development Manager, Kamal Kapadia adds the following: "TeleMe establishes a new level of cost-effectiveness and performance in telepresence robots. Tablets and smartphones are so prevalent in the market now that adding a telepresence feature to everyone's existing device is the next logical step for personal and home use. The MantaroBot TeleMe frees the user from the traditional fixed location of a video teleconferencing system and unleashes mobility for a higher level of interaction and feeling of presence."

Additional information is available for the TeleMe and other MantaroBot products at�or by calling 301-528-2244 and pressing 2.

About Mantaro:

Mantaro, founded in 2001, announced its first Telepresence robot, the MantaroBot, in December of 2010. Mantaro develops Telepresence robots and provides a range of services and products from their Germantown, Maryland location. Services include engineering design services for high technology companies. Mantaro serves a variety of industries including Consumer, Government, Industrial, Medical, Telecommunications, Test & Measurement, and Transportation.

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