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Able-HD Offers Dual Monitor Productivity, On the Go

February 4, 2014 | Christina Gray


Today's desktop warriors are more and more commonly armed with multiple monitors. Here at TPO News, we are big fans of the ability to use one screen for videoconferencing, while using the other for content sharing or note taking. VC aside, dual monitors allow us to work on one application (for example, creating a document, spreadsheet, image, video, etc.), on the main screen, while referencing the information needed to complete the project on the second screen via email, web research, reference docs, etc.

The productivity benefits of a second monitor have been documented over and over and over and over. In fact, dual monitor users often feel hindered when forced to use a single screen. If you are a heavy dual monitor user, it feels hard to get "real work" done, on the road, even with a great laptop. Typically, we "fight fires" and handle our email on the road or at home, but save the heavy lifting for when we get back to the office.


Well, that is clearly less than an ideal compromise facing today's mobile workforce. We want to be connected, and fully productive, whether we are at the office, at home, or across the country. But who wants to lug around a heavy, thick, second monitor in their laptop bag? This is where the Able-HD steps in. What if your second monitor was lighter than an iPad, and just as easy to tuck into its own little bag and take along with you? What if it also had a 17" screen and 1080p resolution? Now it starts to sound like no hassle, dual monitor productivity, anywhere.


Not only is it an ideal mobile dual monitor, it can easily be connected to iPhones, iPads, and Android devices via common adaptor cables (offered separately). Netflix, YouTube, whatever you have on your phone is a lot nicer on a full sized monitor. At $139, you can justify the cost with the productivity benefits, and consider the entertainment benefits an extra bonus.

Able-HD, makers of the portable Able-HD and Able-HD Plus (coming soon) LED monitors, is launching a follow up Kickstarter campaign to raise funding towards the improvement of their product.

Able-HD launched their original fundraising campaign back in 2013 with Kickstarter, the world's largest crowdfunding platform. The company raised an impressive $99,720, exceeding their funding goal by 2,000% and securing a spot on Kickstarter's 50 Most Successful Campaigns of the Year. This success is a pretty strong argument about the viability of this novel product concept.


The original Able-HD features a choice of a 15 or 17-inch 1080p high definition display. Users have the option of connection via HDMI, VGA, or DVI. The entire display weighs less than an iPad, is three times slimmer than leading LED monitors, and can even transmit audio to speakers.


Looking forward, the Able-HD Plus will include the same features as the original, but their website claims it will be "stronger and sturdier, yet still slim and sexy".

According to Nell Harton, Founder and CEO of Able-HD, "Now the Able-HD Plus is stronger, clearer and even more reduced in terms of design. And we, as a company, decided to stick with the DIY design, which makes upgrading the Able-HD system simple and inexpensive, and gives our customers the confidence that we are going to keep pressing forward and pushing the limits of our imaginations."

About the Author
Christina GrayChristina Gray is the Marketing and Business Development Manager at Telepresence Options and an occasional reporter and columnist. When she is not covering innovative visual collaboration applications, Christina helps organizations understand the unique and multi-facted Telepresence Options program and optimize and maximize it to reach their marketing goals. Click here to email Christina.

About the Co-author
David Maldow, Esq. is a visual collaboration technologist and analyst with the Human Productivity Lab and an associate publisher at Telepresence Options. David has extensive expertise in testing, evaluating, and explaining telepresence and other visual collaboration / rich media solutions. David is focused on providing third-party independent analysis and opinion of these technologies and helping end users better secure their visual collaboration environments. You can follow David on Twitter.

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