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Norm Towson's VOVIE video client launches with IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign

September 23, 2013 | Telepresence Options

VOVIE video client

What is this Indiegogo campaign about?

Would you like hear a pin drop quality stereo Voice Calls or 1080p Video for Chats?

Have you ever been Unable to Connect or Disconnected�during a video or voice call?

Have you ever made a video or voice call or even a text you would like to keep private?

Would you like 10 X higher resolution video & voice chats over low cost connections?

Would you like safe full band stereo (48 kHz 16 bit) voice calls & live music share ?

Would you like secure 1080p Web Cams to see/hear clearly anywhere in the world?

Would you like to stop video/voice chats & texts being seen or recorded by outsiders?

Would you like safe wait state less, jitter free, live chats, video/music or text streaming? �

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we need your help.

VOVIE Software Instantly Injects Strong Security AND Mobile/Global HD Video Chat, Stereo Voice Chat & Live Stereo Music Sharing Power directly into your existing PC. User Bonuses are the Highest Resolution Secure; Live Video Chats (to 1080 p), Stereo Voice Chats & Live Music Share (to 48 kHz, 16 bit Full Band Stereo, Blue Ray Quality), Text Box to 1400 Characters, over your existing low cost Connection. Personal privacy options include AES Encryption up to 512-bits (Never cracked), Auto Burn Message Wipe Clean Button & Your Own Private Direct Network randomly created by your PC for each VOVIE call connection. �

Common Questions Asked:

Why the names?�

��Meeting to You Corporation (MTY), owns VOVIE patent pending communications collaboration technology. We formed MTY in 2009 to build a new type of real time video/audio connection transport & control software for Safe, HD Live Meetings over low cost connections without the disconnects, no connects, poor resolution, high line costs & security flaws of the others.�

��VOVIE (Voice, Video, Encrypted/Everywhere to us) came in 2011, after 1st seeing our software engines deliver Live HD 1080p video conferencing encrypted between our own PC's using as little as 10 % of the connection line speed/load/cost required by Skype, Apple, Cisco, and others.�

Why is VOVIE so different from Skype, Apple, Cisco, others?

�VOVIE's raw�efficiency and artificial intelligence indexing enables our start to render, of Live HD video/audio communications at up to 10 times the resolution across cellular, WiFi, radio, satellite or fixed network connections. Others use codes, protocols, they received free from NSA, DOD & others prior efforts that do not match the exact intent demanded by real time heavy media products today. Most are architected with intermediate handling of data flows through their own servers or even other clients computers. These intermediate accesses cause additional latency, wait states and big heavy data loads congesting their own lines at key locations on the network its self, increasing lost data/packets, destroying continuity, quality and security. VOVIE inter-operates with Skype/Web-Ex & others (In our own supercharged window, while securely accelerating your personal network and reducing the network loading that occurs when communicating live). VOVIE's user value is wait-state-less, highest definition collaboration & chats encrypted over affordable connections. Below shows VOVIE size video chat resolution (big pic) vs others (little box) over a 400 kbps up-speed DSL line.�

What are the Features for VOVIE Software Donor Awards?

� Every perk makes a Non Stop LIVE VOVIE PC Program download available to you for Encrypted Live Stereo Voice Chat and early name selection, minimum. Added powers include Video Chat to 1080p, blue ray quality Live stereo music share, text share to 1400 characters, heavy secure AES encryption to 512 bit (never cracked), Auto Burn/Message no record option for all calls and a Dual live 1080p camera option (best with larger PC CPU with a GPU) awards are other perks available here. �

Who are we?�

Our Founders/Inventors are Norm Towson and Ted Rybicki. Check us out on LinkedIn. Both have helped build communication devices & new high performance hardware and software technologies used by HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, Seagate, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, NetFlix & others, over decades. If you network now, use a PC, Netflix or YouTube our teams prior developments assist you today. Mission; Highest Security, Reliability & Resolution Chats across world wide low cost connections for Everyone.

Can I give VOVIE to my friends?�

�Yes Please! The More the Better for You, Us and People around the world! Multi-Pack Perks are available for you to share with friends, family and associates.

When will VOVIE be released?

� Early GOGO Releases include VOVIE Safe Stereo Voice Chat/Live Music Share,Text Encrypted, Auto Burn Options, targeted late December �2013. Secure Live HD Video Chat delivery target is April 2014. Clean Final delivery of all perks target is Summer 2014 with Free Updates for 2 yrs.

Will you release VOVIE on other platforms?�

�YES, ASAP we hope. Windows PC's are 1st because they represent 2/3 of current global smart device users & 90+% of business, education, medical, & others & PC CPU power & virtual memory makes early development faster. VOVIE is running now in our labs and between team members over public webs with XP-Vista-Win 7 & 8 compatibility. If we are successful with Indiegogo PC version, Android Cells/Smart TV's & iOS await as future projects. We believe VOVIE is the only code capable of secure, global scale, micro cost, real time personal high resolution interactivity.�

How much will it cost?

A Safe Live Hi-Fi Voice or HD Video Chat, Non Stop Free Call VOVIE Software License will be perked to every Indiegogo Donor, with 2 yrs free updates. Stereo Voice channels start @ $8 and HD to 1080p Chats @ $16. Since you are our supporters & hopefully ambassadors of our safe quality connectivity art, Indiegogo donors will have ongoing preferred status. Later we will support education, medical & others if successful here.�

Is it really secure?

�VOVIE launches with Top Rated, RSA AES cipher up to 512 bit keyed Encryption (never cracked) running over our VOVIE Custom Secure Private Real Time Network Transport Protocol. The dual strength of our private custom transport, net/data control, connectivity network & AES Ciphers enable very secure communications with no back door access for NSA Prism, Tempora, Upstream, Boundless Informant or other spy programs announced by Edward Snowden.�Our layers of private network & AES by packet encryption are strong security with all levels, meeting US financial banking rules for security at minimum. We make secure access to your device our top option. If outsiders have your device or remote control of it, your VOVIE Messages Are Still Secure, unlike other apps you may have installed. (US Military/Weapons and NSA use RSA AES Encryption)�

�Who are you targeting?�

�Every Connected Internet user who wants the freedom of speech and safe, affordable high resolution communications everywhere: VOVIE team, Indiegogo supporters, family, friends and associates are the beginning, with 2 Billion current Windows PC internet users awaiting. Nearly all professionals we have met in Journalism, Business, Education/Training, Gaming, Sports, PR, Entertainment and Medical markets are seeking Mobile/Fixed Global Secure, Low Cost over affordable connections, VOVIE STYLE, LIVE HD Collaboration.�

Why are you doing this?

We Believe, Safe HD LIVE WORLD Collaboration FOR ALL is every persons right and is our personal communications holy grail. We hope, you decide to help us with this.�

What will the money be used for?

We need $300,000 to fund 4 man years of full-time work and some part time efforts by our very experienced team members, to do this right.�We will engineer your user interface so everyone can easily/instantly/securely connect with anyone they want. We will launch our automatic registration and authentication server for global scale deployment to enable up to 100 million call connections per day per server by Dec 2013 when we launch secure voice/music/text chat. We will test/test all engines and features together to launch HD video by April 2014. Final Versions of all perks are scheduled for Summer 2014. Your donations will launch affordable, secure, high definition collaboration for everyone.�

What if you raise over $300,000?

We will spend it wisely (: developing more features and adding other devices too. Let us know if you would like: Drag and drop Instant Photo &�Microsoft Word/PP/Excel Doc Share, Video or Voice Chats for many people at a time, Remote Encrypted Cloud Storage, Real Time Live Broadcast to thousands for each of you or other functions. If we get enough money we can put engineers on Android and Apple and solve universal global real time secure connectivity. A blog will be set up for this and a sight for fast bug resolution too.�

Does VOVIE save messages on a server?�

No. None. Never! All VOVIE Communications can only be stored inside selected callers/users devices. If you select; Auto Burn Message No Copy Button, all data is automatically wiped clean instantly after viewing, speaking or reading text.�

How will registration keys and pre-register usernames work?

Prior to release Donors will get an email with instructions to our registration server and how to register yourselves and/or assignees. Note: we do not send this email directly after your payment.�

Can I invest in VOVIE?�

Indiegogo nor US Security laws permit us to use this venue to sell equity to the public. Qualified sophisticated investors can contact us after the indiegogo program has ended.�

Do You Have Multiple Levels of Security?�

Yes. We are encryption export compliant with the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). US, EU + 8 and Canada are the 30 countries we can ship never cracked 512 bit AES to (now listed on enclosed voviemeetingtoyou power point) running over VOVIE's private secure network. BIS says our type of symmetric ciphers are 8 times stronger than asymmetric ciphers, so 64 bit AES is their current compliant maximum for mass, rest of world distribution without a license. (Except Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan and N. Korea get none) We also have US HIPPA secure medical records encryption compliance at AES 256 bit to help people everywhere get faster treatment and our 64-bit meets US Banking Financial Rules for Security. All of these are very secure with no outside system access, by even us, as it runs over it's our own private network layer.�

Does my company or others have Access to my data?�

�No one has access except you and the individual you selected to communicate with �and push button Burn Message/No record at all option is available to each if desired. VOVIE clients only communicate between other SELECTED VOVIE users, directly peer to peer (P2P), client to client. All user data is encrypted by VOVIE inside your own personal device and transported best route at time of call directly between you-your selected associate's device on VOVIE's private cloud network, for decode. VOVIE automatically controls all media flow's inside your smart device and across the cloud networks. Skype, Cisco, Apple and others use multiple ported clients with Intermediate Server Access, some even browsers with many open or unsecured ports, making them vulnerable to security threats. We use none of this. VOVIE is a safer and faster single super port Native Code designed specifically for navigating world wide web real time big media traffic today; No backdoor access exists for Edward Snowden's; Prism, Tempora, Upstream, Boundless Informant or other spy programs. �

What Does Low Bandwidth Live Communications Mean?�

2 Way, communications require upload line speed to send both users live video/voice to each other in real time. 98% of global user connections now can sustain 400 kbps or less of upload line speed and 90% 150 kbps or less. To reduce your loading VOVIE only sends new video pixels once (not the over and over again video frames of others) and non destructively compresses up to 10 X then manages your media and all networking packets between your devices. Net result is video conferencing bits/packets required by us is often -90% the bit rates required by existing suppliers. Check out our power point enclosed for more details. Everyone on low cost lines and pay by bit mobile plans will really like VOVIE.�

Will you provide an API and/or allow third party clients?�

Yes, after we deliver to You! Private High Resolution Robust Networks are the future for consumers, businesses, medical, education, media/entertainment, auto electronics & many others. VOVIE is small, lite, fast, easily embedded code for control and communications applications with simple sign-in, load and go from URL's anywhere, like FaceBook, Linkedin & others. ��

Open Source?

�Not Now. Open source guarantees no security yet open source encryption requires early code reviews by governments prior to export/import when trade secrets do not. (Open source program, Boundless Informant, is used to spy on millions now.) Our custom transport control connectivity in-sync signal layer, secure authentication & infrastructure with no outside access (even us) will remain our trade secrets for now.�

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