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Huawei SMC2.0 Makes Customers Focus on Communication by Simplifying Videoconferencing Management

May 6, 2013 | Telepresence Options

Huawei SMC2.0

Along with the economic globalization and video technology breakthrough, Telepresence and videoconferencing products which have been adopted more widely are contributing more and more to consumers in regard to strengthening enterprise communication, advancing team collaboration and reducing travel cost. However, at the meanwhile, enterprises are concerned about how to manage the videoconferencing system in an efficient way, for example, in what ways, can the IT department manage the larger platform, users get most convenient conference service and enterprises gain better ROI? Huawei SMC 2.0 enables to streamline the maintenance staff and make consumers focus on communication because it integrates the distributed functionalities together.

IT Department: Streamlined Management With Low Cost and High Efficiency

With the increase popularity of videoconferencing, it seems a headache for the IT department to manage more and more equipments efficiently. Huawei SMC2.0 integrates the functionalities like web control, OA integration, resource management, registration management, user management and conference management, so that it can function as a whole to facilitate the management for IT staff.

Firstly, the centralized management of MCU, GK, Telepresence, HD/SD sites and desktop endpoints is available for IT staff through Huawei SMC2.0. Besides, Huawei SMC2.0 makes real-time equipment surveillance, alert handling and remote upgrade and configuration in batch possible. All these services mentioned above are also accessible to those enterprises that have equipment from more than one vendor. Huawei SMC2.0 supports to manage different videoconferencing products from main vendors, including remote view of endpoint status, remote configuration of endpoint parameters and notification and handling of alert. Huawei SMC2.0 can also schedule a conference with endpoints of different brands involved.

Secondly, Huawei SMC2.0 provides various firewall traversal solutions to accommodate different application scenarios such as communication between different branches, enterprise intranet and suppliers, even with equipment of different brands.

Thirdly, IT staff can manage MCU resource in an easier way. For one thing, when one MCU's capacity can't satisfy that many endpoints, Huawei SMC2.0 will distribute them to more MCUs by auto cascading to guarantee that large conferences can be held smoothly. For another, Huawei SMC2.0 also supports MCU backup. When one MCU breaks down, the conference will be automatically switched to the redundant MCU without interruption. Besides, we support N+1 backup, that is, more than one MCU can share one redundant MCU. In this way, the resource can be better used.

Lastly, SMC2.0 features tiered permission management, which allows managers of different levels to practice their own permission by defining different management permission. Therefore, the system management is highly secured.

End User: Easy Operation, Efficient Conference

Nowadays, more and more employees are in need of videoconferencing on more and more occasions. For those end users who focus on business and communication, efficient communication at anytime from anywhere by easy operation is their major requirement.

On one hand, Huawei SMC2.0 offers various conference scheduling and joining modes which allows users to join or schedule a conference through outlook, web or endpoints. When users reserve a conference through SMC2.0 embedded Web, they are able to view the status (busy/free) of all conference rooms so that they can choose proper time and room; after the conference is reserved successfully, the system will send emails to inform all the participants automatically.

On the other hand, Huawei SMC2.0 is interoperable with Microsoft Lync2010/ Ocs2007 and IBM Sametime. Users can view the status (busy/free) of participants and conference rooms, reserve conferences and cancel the reservations through Outlook so that they can schedule more efficient conferences. What's more, after the conference is reserved, SMC2.0 will send emails to inform participants and add the notification to users' agenda automatically so that the participants won't miss anything important. Likewise, if the conference is canceled, the corresponding notification will be sent automatically to update the participants. Besides, users can communicate with cideoconferencing users through Sametime smoothly.

In addition, SMC2.0 also provides standard SOAP port to interconnect to the third party systems, which accommodate different industries' requirements with ease of use.

Enterprise Value: Optimize Operation, Improve ROI

For most enterprises, video communication system is more than office helper but rather a support of core business or even a part of business fulfillment. Therefore, to master quickly how the videoconferencing system runs has become an issue enterprises need to resolve desperately.

Huawei SMC2.0 provides abundant statistic reports to enterprises. These reports will unveil the utility rate of conference rooms to the operation team and help enterprises know the reduced travel cost and carbon emission. Based on these data, enterprises are able to get a better understanding of their ROI and make proper long-term plan for the systems.

At the meanwhile, for videoconferencing providers, Huawei SMC2.0 can generate multisite or point-to-point CDR (calling detail records) from different angles like conference scheduling type, account code, organization structure and sites. These simple and flexible reports can help enterprises build convenient service network and billing system.

With the development of video communication popularity, enterprises are more concerned about how to simplify system management and improve communication efficiency. Huawei SMC2.0 makes enterprises free from cumbersome equipment management and conference preparation but focus on conference itself. In this way, the communication efficiency is improved and the operation cost is reduced.

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