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World's Fastest Home Internet Officially Launched by Sony Backed ISP

April 19, 2013 | Joshua Parker

so-net logo

Twice as fast as Google Fiber at 30% less cost.

With Google Fiber recently announcing their plan to bring their lightning fast internet service to Austin Texas, many Americans are starting to raise their head up high, hoping that the United States will raise in ranking above the countless number of countries with faster internet speeds. Despite being a country that prides itself in technological advances and innovation; the United States is ranked 32nd on (a ranking site that takes information from and compiles the most recent 30 day's information to compare the speeds with the rest of the world). With an average speed of 17.38 Mbps the United States does not have a terrible speed but it still puts us 32th in the world.

Monday the So-net Entertainment company, backed by Sony Corporation, announced the launch of their lightning fast internet that they call "Nuro". Nuro is a fiber based network that gets 2Gbps download speeds and 1Gbps upload speed and is currently only available in Japan. At 30% cheaper and twice as fast as the quickest internet the United States has available, So-net has leaped ahead of the market and placed the United States further back in the race once again.�

Download Speed(Mbps)

Upload Speed(Mbps)

Cost/Month (w/ 2-year contract)

So-net (Sony Backed ISP)




Google Fiber




Verizon Fios Home



$34/$56/$75 (1styr/2ndyr/3rd+yr)

Verizon Fios Business (w/static ip)




Closest equivalent services/speeds based on price 

With only a few towns, Kansas city and soon to be Austin Texas, receiving Google Fiber; you may ask, "How many people will have access to this lightning fast internet?". According to So-net, 25% of Japanese households are already connected tsuntry that prides tpeeds(which is the 2nd highest rate connected to fiber in the world). To put that in perspective, 25% of the United States would be approximately equivalent to the entire states of New York, Texas (soon to be Google Fibers 2nd new home), California and Kansas (Google Fibers 1st home).

We recently discussed how Google Fiber moving to Austin could revolutionize the ISP market and effect pricing and available speeds at all levels, but this recent announcement could force our technology leaders to even further speed up development of these super high-speed internet services.

As businesses start to deploy more bandwidth intensive applications, like visual collaboration, they will become less and less satisfied with their existing service and the demand for these super-fast internet services will continue to grow.

It took only 8 years from the time JFK stood up and insisted that we put a man on the moon until Neil Armstrong famously set his foot down in its soil. After that kind of world leadership, it is a bit disconcerting to see us as just trying to catch up in something as important as high speed internet service. We live and work on the internet, which means its limitations are now our limitations. If American businesses are expected to continue to compete globally, they need full use of internet intensive tools, such as visual collaboration.�

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