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3 Ways We'll Communicate in the Future

April 12, 2013 | Telepresence Options

Story and Images by Nick Vadala / The Philly Post

Beyond the Facebook Phone: Telepathy, holograms, and the new Internet.

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell shouted "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you!" into his telephone back in 1876, it seems like mankind has been in an arms race to develop electronic communications technology.

Enter the newly released�Facebook Phone�(aka the HTC First), Mark Zuckerberg's own attempt at Graham-Belling the silicone game. But, while interesting, coding up a giant app and preloading it onto a cheap phone doesn't so much count as innovation as it does marketing. In short, our desire to quickly and constantly communicate�definitely�won't stop at the Facebook Phone.

No, where we're heading as a species is much more enveloping, inclusive, and implanted.

Real, Actual Telepathy (Thanks to the Network)

Since Google announced�Google Glass�in April of last year, countless other companies have started their own take on the head-mounted display, including Oakley and Sony. But wearing glasses all the time is gonna get annoying.

Which is why we're going to learn telepathy. Well, more accurately, we're going to�invent it. Dave Evans, the "chief futurist" at Cisco Labs,�told DNA�that researchers are working on a way to upload and download information directly to/from our brains with the aid of nothing more than a tiny silicone implant. The result, he said in�an interview with ITPro, would allow us to "communicate by thought alone over the network."

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