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ATIS Testing Demonstrates Successful Interconnection And Interoperability Of Video And Telepresence Solutions In The Cloud

March 15, 2013 | Telepresence Options

Washington -- ATIS today announced completion of the first phase of interoperability and interconnection testing of video solutions in the cloud -- a major step in connecting the industry's leading telepresence offerings. Conducted by the ATIS Cloud Services Forum (CSF), testing occurred between AT&T and Verizon using equipment from Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, as well as Microsoft software.

"Although inter-provider telepresence interoperability testing has occurred in the past, this is the most comprehensive desktop and telepresence testing across a network-to-network interface between two providers to date, and represents the first time Verizon and AT&T have interconnected for video telepresence testing." said Alan Benway, Executive Director for Business Video Communications Services, AT&T.

"The testing brought together the leading service providers and video technology providers to advance the quality of the real-time dynamics a user would experience in a face-to-face meeting, in terms of video and other factors," said ATIS President and CEO Susan M. Miller. "However, the expertise of ATIS members extends beyond these elements into the network and technologies that deliver cloud services. Solutions that evolve from this ecosystem perspective are essential to providing cost-effective immersive video conferencing services that are globally seamless, consistent and deliver excellence from the user's perspective."

Specifically tested for performance were several key immersive and non-immersive video conferencing features: multiple screens, single screens including desktop video, content sharing and some encryption functions. This work demonstrated interworking between multiple brands of telepresence and desktop solutions in multiple carrier domains for both pre-scheduled as well as unscheduled telepresence sessions. Demonstrating the technical viability of multiple telepresence and desktop endpoint types across networks is a critical accomplishment moving the industry closer to adoption and commercial availability of a solution to enable multi-provider, multi-vendor interconnection and interoperability.

"As cloud technologies are increasingly embraced, the need for operators and manufacturers to cooperate in real world validation of open standards is important. By testing video solutions in the cloud a path to broader adoption of IP services and promotion of IP-based interconnections can be forged," said Michael Nawrocki, Director of Standards, Verizon Network & Technology.

CSF will be expanding on both the results and the next phases of testing, scheduled to take place through 2013. Items such as WebRTC and IMS are of interest to the testing team for continued testing.

About ATIS

As a leading technology and solutions development organization, ATIS brings together the top global ICT companies to advance the industry's most pressing business priorities. Through ATIS committees and forums, nearly 200 companies address cloud services, device solutions, emergency services, M2M communications, cyber security, ehealth, network evolution, quality of service, billing support, operations, and more. These priorities follow a fast-track development lifecycle -- from design and innovation through solutions that include standards, specifications, requirements, business use cases, software toolkits, and interoperability testing. ATIS standards are publically available in the Document CenterDocument Center.

ATIS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ATIS is the North American Organizational Partner for the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a founding Partner of oneM2M, a member and major U.S. contributor to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Radio and Telecommunications sectors, and a member of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL). For more information, visit

About ATIS' Cloud Services Forum

Launched in 2011, ATIS' Cloud Services Forum (CSF) focuses on the operators' provision of cloud, and the development of a framework to build large-scale, high quality network and application services. CSF develops cloud-based standard interfaces, to core network functions, further enhancing the value of provider networks. Additionally, based on industry priorities, the CSF is developing business use cases for non-traditional provider services, with the goal of accelerating global inter-provider cloud capabilities.

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