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OriHime Is Your Eyes And Ears Back Home

February 21, 2013 | Telepresence Options



Ironically, humanoid robots may have to put aside their arms and legs if they're to gain a foothold in our daily lives. All those servos required to power multiple limbs can get expensive, they quickly drain the robot's batteries, and cause all sorts of problems if even one of them breaks. Eschewing this complexity leaves you with just a head and torso, a compromise adopted by several prospective household robots. Among those is a new communication robot by Waseda University's Ory Lab, launching later this year.

The original OriHime, designed by Waseda University engineering graduate Kentaro Yoshifuji, didn't start off this way. When it was first built in 2009, it had a fully articulated body powered by no less than 24 servos. It was supposed to be a kind of avatar that you could take control of to communicate a variety of gestures - a kind of full-body phone call, sort of like those made possible by the eerie Elfoid P1. Unfortunately, the reality is that this robot would be prohibitively expensive for the average person.

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