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David Moss Moves to Tely Labs and Explains Why

February 5, 2013 | Telepresence Options


David Moss just joined company prosumer HD video conferencing gear manufacturer Tely Labs and explains why:

Question: You've been in the videoconferencing industry for 20 years, working in senior positions at most of the major companies.� You're leaving a role heading up videoconferencing globally for Siemens.� What was it that interested you so much in Tely Labs?�
DM: �Over the past few years I've been involved in an industry that is undergoing radical change.� Video is finally becoming pervasive, and the advent of cloud computing is changing both the costs and the deployment methodology, making video conferencing affordable enough and easy enough�to appeal to the much larger audience of SMB's for the first time.� That's an exciting sea-change in the industry, and I personally wanted to be involved in leading that change within an aggressive start up that has the business and technical acumen to be front and center of the revolution.

Question: There are a number of new low-cost endpoint manufacturers coming to market.� Why would you choose Tely Labs over any of the others?�

DM: �For several reasons.� First and foremost is the executive management.� The two founders, Sreekanth Ravi and Sudhakar Ravi have a history of disrupting markets.� What they did to firewalls with SonicWall is no different to what we intend to do with videoconferencing... drive the value up while making it affordable for every business and even the consumer.� Also, as I look at the technology and roadmap of the company they hit on every component needed to win the market.� The endpoints are not just videoconferencing units, but conference room devices that allow a company to utilize video, project their PCs onto a TV screen, replace the audio conferencing speakerphone, etc.� For a few hundred dollars we can deliver an "all-in-one" unit that replaces expensive legacy conference room equipment and will empower all conference rooms, not just a few.� And the company strategy is not built on just selling low cost endpoints like all of the rest.� It is highly dependent on the execution of advanced services delivered from a virtual cloud environment.� As you'll see over time, that cloud will be publicly available or extensible to become a private cloud any company can deploy.

Question: How do you expect to compete against the established companies such as Cisco, Polycom and LifeSize?�

DM: I don't know if I would look at it that way.� We believe that the incumbent players will continue to serve their markets of selling high-end telepresence and room integrated solutions.� However if you look at the overall conference room penetration they've achieved it is in the single digits.� There are millions of conference rooms and executive offices that have been undeserved by the current providers and they are our future customers.� Not only has SMB been undeserved but so have several key vertical markets.� � The ability to provide better visual tools for the healthcare market is a prime example.� How can one of the incumbents satisfy a home healthcare applications with a $5,000 product?� However Tely Labs can serve that market with an affordable solution that can be scalable to any home or healthcare application.� And finally it is to leverage off of the expanding Unified Communications market.� We all know that UC is a very personal experience on the desktop or mobile device.� But when an employee needs to extend that personality into their executive office or conference room how do they do that with single purpose video devices that are $5,000 or greater?� They need an appliance that can fit into a UC strategy and extend the personality of the individual communication into the group environment.� Tely has the ability to do that and no one else in the market is thinking that way.� All of the other products are based upon a consumer feature set only and don't extend to the office, healthcare environment, etc.� Tely Labs does and will.

Question: Cisco tried to enter this market and failed.� What makes you feel that Tely Labs can do better?�

DM: �I think that is a great question and one worth spending time on.� When Cisco entered the consumer market with Umi it was a decent high definition product but had some fundamental flaws.� First of all Cisco had just purchased Tandberg for $3.4 billion and needed to continue selling $20,000 endpoints.� They couldn't let Umi interfere with that so they built a strategy around a "proprietary" solution for consumers only.� They then priced it way too high and required a monthly service fee.� What we are doing it totally different.� Not only is the price to entry significantly less than the Cisco Umi for a consumer, but we've also built it from a standards based environment taking advantage of a number of market standards so not only consumers can use it, but also businesses and verticals.� For example, at the core of the telyHD product is a Skype engine.� Skype represents the largest number of video calls in the world and now a small business or hospital can add high definition Skype video to their conference room - securely - and communicate with any Skype enabled device anywhere in the world.� Second, for those companies that have adopted a SIP based UC strategy we run a standards-based SIP protocol and can register to just about any SIP registrar (eg. SIP PBX like Call Manager, OpenScape, etc) in the market as a video phone.� This also allows Tely Labs solutions to fully interoperate with other SIP solutions like those from Polycom and Cisco.�

Question: Do you have any closing comments?�

DM: The market is undergoing radical change - the shift towards cloud, mobility and low-cost end-points is happening right now.� As this shift accelerates new companies will define the space and place themselves into a position of market leadership.� I believe that Tely Labs has the ability to be one of these leaders and I am so pleased to be part of it.

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