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Why Video Is Better for Closing Deals

January 10, 2013 | Telepresence Options

lifesizevideodeal.jpgBy admin

Over the last few years, video chat has become the newest addition in the effective salesperson's toolbox.� As the technology has improved by leaps and bounds, it's become better at recreating the nuances of in-face communication - yet even as video chat has progressed to perfectly replicating face-to-face conversation, it still requires just a fraction of the time of a traditional sales trip.� That means in-person quality for over-the-phone time commitments.� Imagine being able to make personal, highly effective sales calls at the "speed of phone" and you've got an idea of just how big a game-changer video chat has become.

But for all of video chat's benefits, some salespeople who've developed their own finely honed phone routine might be wondering if it's really worth switching up an already successful act.� While this "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality is understandable, consider just a few of video's benefits:

  • Video chat allows for the communication of vital non-linguistic cues. It's estimated that two-thirds of how we communicate is not actually spoken.� Rather, it's transmitted by our facial expressions, by our posture, by our eye contact, and by our intonation.� When you make a phone call, you're trying to seal the deal with only a third of your sales tools.� Video chat brings the missing 67 percent back into the equation.
  • Video chat allows you to foster certain non-verbal cues to shape your message. Because video adds your physical presence to the call, you can craft subtle, purposeful cues to your advantage.� Wearing a suit says "I'm mature and can be trusted with your business," while business-casual might say "I'm down-to-earth and we're in this together."� Video gives you a whole new language to bring to your sales calls.
  • Video chat feels more personal - which is important when fostering a business relationship. The medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan famously said, and the emotional connection inherent to face-to-face communication gives video an added layer of trust - pretty important when you're asking someone to give you their business.
  • Video chat allows you to improve your pitch with visual aids. Want to pull in documents and research to sway your potential client?� Maybe bring in a sample or show them what you've done for other clients?� Video makes that not only possible, but incredibly simple.

Even if phone calls have been working for you just fine, embracing video chat gives you a whole new way to bring in clients.� The addition of a visual component to your sales call opens up a toolbox full of possibilities, ones that will pay big dividends when you learn to use them well.

- Dan Lothringer
Dan is a contributing writer for

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