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HealthSpot Sets Out to Reinvent Healthcare Through Technology

January 10, 2013 | Telepresence Options

HealthSpot Station1.jpg

Beyond the doctor's office, more than a clinic, HealthSpot creates an integrated network of board-certified physicians delivering cutting-edge healthcare through modern technology.

Las Vegas, NV - CES Booth Grand Lobby-3 - January 7, 2013 at 5:00 AM PST - At CES 2013, you will be able to experience the crossroads of healthcare and technology into a better healthcare system for tomorrow. HealthSpot, a pioneer in patient and provider-driven healthcare technology, has developed a breakthrough telehealth system that provides high-quality medical diagnostic technology to patients anytime, anywhere. Being unveiled in the Grand Lobby, CES attendees are invited to presentations and live demonstrations of patients receiving care from across the US.

"We are making it possible to seamlessly deliver advanced healthcare through modern technology," said HealthSpot CEO and founder Steve Cashman. "We are not just hardware; we are not just software; we are a complete integrated network of traditional doctor care and cutting-edge telemedicine. We are healthcare reinvented."

Reinvention doesn't come quickly, nor without barriers, as Cashman has learned. A CE industry veteran, Cashman brainstormed the HealthSpot idea while carting four kids to and from doctor's appointments. "There has to be an easier, more efficient way," Cashman thought. The research began.

The idea grew with an understanding of the inherent weakness of online medicine. Patients miss out on a wider scope of care with online-only conferences that lack diagnostic tools. And there is always a question of the legitimacy of the doctor on the other end of the connection. Telemedicine until now has primarily consisted of telephone consults between physicians and electronic transmission of radiographic images and reports. Cashman envisioned more. Working in partnership with the medical community, HealthSpot built a telehealth platform that transmits real-time vital signs, physical data and images of the patient to the physician allowing the "personal" and "physical" examination to occur even when the provider and patient are located in remote locations. HealthSpot's platform establishes face-to-face dialogue, sets a path to follow up treatment, maintains a readily-available medical record, and documents electronic prescription information as part of the patient medical record.

In addition to engineering new healthcare technology, HealthSpot is building an extensive network of board-certified physicians and nationally recognized healthcare providers. The company is dedicated to delivering patients as many healthcare choices as possible from as many HealthSpot�Stations as possible.

With 15 states offering insurance reimbursement for telehealth, and a dozen states allowing electronic prescriptions, HealthSpot is working with physician networks and lobbyists in other states to push telehealth legislature forward and offer nationwide telehealth solutions that drive down healthcare costs while simultaneously increasing patient access to immediate, real-time healthcare when and where it's needed.

"Trends in healthcare demand innovative solutions to increase access to healthcare services at a cost-effective price. It is simply physically impossible for our country's healthcare system to continue on its current path," said Cashman.

For more information on HealthSpot, go to

HealthSpot is pioneering patient and provider healthcare technology with a comprehensive, turnkey system called the HealthSpot Station which enables patient access to medical diagnostics from board certified doctors via high definition video conferencing and interactive, digital telehealth tools. As the first true integration of telehealth and acute care, HealthSpot uses innovative technology that empowers doctors and specialists to provide care that is smarter, simpler and within anyone's reach.

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