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Telepresence Etiquette - Setting the Stage

September 4, 2012 | Telepresence Options

        By Sybil Fitzpatrick, Networking Exchange Blog

What do you think of when I say telepresence etiquette? Are you thinking of the dozen swear words you know better than to say in a meeting? Or, are you wondering how telepresence  could have rules that are different from other meetings you attend?

If you are like me, the answer to both questions is most likely yes.  As soon as I hear about what NOT to do, all I can think about is doing it. Yes, I am still a wild, eight-year-old child trapped in the body of a grown adult, but I know I am not alone in that.
Meeting Etiquette Meets Telepresence

Telepresence is a technology and culture. The etiquette that applies is a bit different than a standard meeting. There are codes of conduct in addition to the not cussing, paying attention, being polite, and other standard communication guidelines.   And while some say etiquette is common sense, it is a good idea to review the basics from time to time, especially before a stressful meeting. For a more humorous reminder of these etiquette points for yourself and others, check this video out:

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