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How Video Conferencing Has Impacted The African Business Landscape

September 17, 2012 | Telepresence Options
VENTURES AFRICA - It is not a surprise that Africa is still considered as a backward continent with severely underdeveloped economies  by some people in the world. However, while Africa, a vast continent of over 1 billion people, does have its many lingering economic problems, a quiet slow burning revolution in technological and business development has been working its way across the continent. This growth has been enormously helped by the worldwide explosion in web based telecommunications and internet data sharing technologies.

The latest of these technological expansions is the field of increasingly inexpensive video conferencing. And in Africa it has meant considerable improvements to the business landscape, making communication between numerous business players both small and large much easier and cheaper than ever before. This has resulted in several significant changes to how easily transactions and cooperation get handled, particularly in this continent where a reliable landline utility infrastructure has never developed as thoroughly as it did on other continents.

Easily Accessible, Cheaper Video Conferencing Apps

As a fundamental starting point in the changing video conferencing landscape today, many of the video conferencing apps that are available for smart phones working on the Android or iOS platforms carry all sorts of features that only a decade or more previously were available only within an expensive software framework. Now, these features, such as multiparty video calling and data sharing, come in dozens of different mobile video apps that can be used over wireless and broadband networks. Due to these fairly cheap or even free apps, business owners can more easily communicate

In addition to wireless device apps, companies like Skype, GoToMeeting and other VOIP providers are offering web based desktop and laptop systems that can give a business access to video conferencing tools for a very low one time or monthly price and even for free in many cases.

Within the more advanced and developed territory of enterprise level Video conferencing systems, Oracle, Sony and Microsoft provide installation of integrated teleconferencing systems with their own monitoring and dedicated broadband connections for prices that are now ten times cheaper than they were just 5 years ago! Oracle, for example, sells a system known as Telepresence for only $30,000 in installation costs; 5 years ago this price represented just its monthly servicing bill and installing the same system cost over $300,000.

These are some of the important factors that have led to the effects of video conferencing on African business.How Video Conferencing Has Impacted The African Business Landscape
Posted on September 16, 2012 08:28 pm under Innovation & Science, Mobile, Tech

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