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UK surgeons are the first to operate in 3D

April 6, 2012 | Hogan Keyser
3D_surgeon.jpgApril 2, 2012 by Sebastian Anthony via -- A team at Manchester Royal Infirmary hospital, England, claim to be the first surgeons to perform keyhole surgery using 3D cameras and monitors -- and embarrassingly clunky spectacles. Furthermore, if that wasn't high-tech enough, the lead surgeon also performed the surgery using a hand-held robotic claw.

3D vision during surgery makes perfect sense: After all, your anatomy is three-dimensional, and when you're making minute incisions with a foot-long instrument, through an entry hole that's just an inch long, depth perception is obviously a huge boon. According to spokeswoman from the hospital, the 3D approach provides much better accuracy, "therefore reducing the risks of muscle and nerve damage." The same spokesperson also said that the 3D projection would reduce surgeon fatigue, presumably because trying to make sense of a 2D image for hours on end is incredibly strenuous.

Unfortunately we don't have any specific details on how the Royal Infirmary pulled off the 3D surgery, but judging by the tiny picture published by the BBC, it looks like the surgeons are wearing standard polarizing, passive 3D glasses. Presumably, instead of a laparoscope with a single camera on the end being pushed inside the patient, there's simply two of them, just like normal 3D cinematography.

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