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Temasys and Emerging Markets Communications Partner to use "Pay As You Go" HD Connect Satellite Service to Provide Low Cost, HD Enterprise-Class Video Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

April 2, 2012 | Hogan Keyser
emc_satellite_infrastructure.jpgApril 2, 2012 -- The applications for Emerging Markets Communications' (EMC's) HD Connect empowered by the Temasys Vidyo Cloud are vast. From desert locations deep in Asia and oil rigs in the Pacific to ocean going maritime vessels and land locked remote mining facilities, videoconferencing for medical, engineering, operations and other reasons is finally affordable, high quality and feasible.

Technically, the solution is simple, yet very powerful and robust. No special video equipment is required: a web cam connected to a laptop simply accesses EMC's HD Connect and joins multiple parties around the globe via Temasys Vidyo Cloud servers located in strategic data centers in the world's major economic and developing regions. With an innovative 'pay as you go' format, videoconferences can be conducted at a fraction of the price of a typical dedicated satellite data circuit. The combination of EMC's HD Connect and Temasys Vidyo Cloud can show a 70 to 80 per cent reduction in the cost of a VC network when compared with the use of legacy systems, and provide easier scalability and greater versatility (see White Paper - Affordable and Practical HD Conferencing over Satellite to Multiple Parties using EMC HD Connect and Temasys' Cloud).

Temasys' Vidyo Cloud embraces a technology that is leading edge and has been proven in terrestrial applications. Vidyo is building an enviable reputation as the world's leader in High Definition Video Communication delivered over the public internet. Every day, thousands of Vidyo users place point to point and multi point calls, sharing knowledge, documents and videos and generally helping the business world function more efficiently. However, in today's global business environment, there are times when one or more of the parties needed for a videoconference does not have access to the public internet nor to a network capable of supporting access to multiple participants around the globe. Until now, the only solution to this situation was equipment intensive and prohibitively expensive. To address this challenge, Temasys, a Vidyo Service Provider with a global network of servers and infrastructure to support their "Video (Vidyo) as a Cloud" service proposition, teamed up with EMC, a premier provider of hybrid global satellite and terrestrial communications services. Using EMC's HD Connect service, which is the industry's first on demand, 'pay as you go' high definition (HD) video conferencing over satellite service, Temasys and EMC successfully conducted a multinational Vidyo conference, using a satellite link to simulate access into geographically-remote locations. For this conference, four participants located in Miami, Florida, Hanoi, Vietnam and Singapore used a variety of devices as end points. Participants in Miami and Hanoi used standard laptops. One Singapore participant used an iMac and one simply used a Smart Phone -- an iPhone4. During the 30 minute conference, documents and presentations were shared along with a simultaneous medical education video. With HD Connect's unprecedented quality -- with low jitter, low packet loss and predictable and steady latency -- the quality of the conference was outstanding. The session was recorded using Vidyo Record and Replay.

Bill Lewis, Managing Director of Temasys Communications, explained, "The routing of this call was chosen to optimize the quality of the experience. The EMC earth stations used were located in Miami and Hawaii and were connected to one of EMC's Pacific VSAT satellites. We used our Singapore data center to authenticate the call and then used our California data center to host the call. If any of the participants on the call had been located in Europe, we could have also connected our Amsterdam data center into the network. Having a global network of Vidyo servers located in three major regions, backed by EMC's industry-leading technology, allows us to offer a superlative VaaS proposition."

Tom Luketich, VP of Strategic Marketing for EMC, said, "This demonstration was a remarkable illustration of the ability to bring high quality, affordable, rich videoconference and visual collaboration experiences to participants located in some of the hardest to reach areas of the globe. The ability to allow participants to use virtually any desk top or mobile device to participate in the conference adds a level of flexibility that is increasingly important to today's mobile workforce."

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