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Connexus Delivers Vidyo, (VaaS) Videoconferencing as a Service, Around the World

February 29, 2012 | Hogan Keyser
Vidyo-as-a-Service_logo.gifLike the domestic offering, Connexus-on-Demand, International, makes Vidyo HD videoconferencing and personal telepresence videoconferencing available at prices starting at $5.00 per month per user without any up front capital investment.

Dallas, Texas February 29, 2012 -- Connexus recently introduced Connexus-on-Demand, a cloud based service (powered by Vidyo) for service providers, resellers and end users to their international customer base. The Connexus offering is now being offered, deployed and or tested in Australia, France, Germany, China, Japan, South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Latin America, and Great Britain. Connexus-on-Demand combines the power of the Vidyo platform with Connexus' unique usage based portal pricing demanded by price conscious enterprises, service providers, resellers and mobile providers.

Like the domestic offering, the international offering, Connexus-on-Demand, makes high definition videoconferencing and personal telepresence videoconferencing available to enterprises, service providers, resellers and mobile providers from the cloud and offers HD desktop videoconferencing to end users at prices starting at $5.00 per month per user without any up front capital investment.

Connexus- on-Demand also allows audio, video, mobile and unified communications service providers and resellers around the world to market and sell HD Vidyo desktop videoconferencing and collaboration capabilities with access to all networks and devices; Vidyo to ISDN, traditional H.323, iPhone and iPad, or Droid device without any upfront investment.

The Connexus-on-Demand, VaaS, (Videoconferencing as a Service) offering leverages and combines the Vidyo platform with proprietary and highly tuned applications software that allows service providers and resellers to easily configure and create very low usage based pricing for end users that start at $5.00 per month. And the Connexus-on-Demand service is currently available to service providers and resellers worldwide with a simple "best efforts" commitment.

"We are seeing traction all over the world with our offering, "said Jonathan Schlesinger, President and Founder of Connexus. "End users, resellers and service providers are contacting us to let us know about their international solutions and applications. We are seeing powerful applications and just in time solutions roll out all over the legal, education, entertainment, and medical and technical markets. And we are discovering more and more "just in time" deployments that use 4G networks or the internet to bypass and avoid firewall traversal issues when the user needs an enterprise to enterprise videoconference set up immediately."

"Connexus-on-Demand represents over two years, hundreds of hours and several hundred thousand dollars of development" Mr. Schlesinger continued. "We knew if we wanted to create a VaaS (Videoconferencing as a Service) offering based on the most prolific HD desktop video conferencing and collaboration platform in the industry, and if we wanted to also help make it the most ubiquitous business quality videoconferencing tool in the industry, we had to make it easy to buy, sell, and implement. And we had to create products and services with very attractive margins for service providers and resellers. We accomplished this by creating the Connexus-on-Demand Applications Pricing Portal (APP). Service Providers and Resellers and end users can use the APP to easily configure lowest possible usage based pricing which begins at $5.00 per month per user."

About Connexus
The mission at Connexus is to make it possible for end users, service providers and resellers to quickly and easily, and in real time, acquire very high end videoconferencing and collaboration services from the cloud, and to accomplish this with little if any additional demand on their resources. At Connexus we focus on delivering VaaS (Videoconferencing as a Service), so that end users, resellers and service providers can acquire Vidyo, the very best in HD and personal telepresence videoconferencing and collaboration services without any up front capital investment. Connexus is a privately held company headquartered in Dallas Texas.

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