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10 Jobs Changed by Video Conferencing

February 23, 2012 | Hogan Keyser
telepresent_tutoring.jpgThe new technology has made it possible for doctors, music teachers, financial consultants, judges and more to offer their services from far away.

February 22, 2012 by Stephanie Rogers via
-- In our quest to get the best service possible, whether from doctors, music teachers or financial consultants, we were once limited by geography. But since the advent of the webcam, our options have become virtually limitless. Video conferencing has made interactive meetings possible even when the participating parties are located in different countries.
Now, a wide range of occupations are using webcams to make their tasks more convenient and effective. From companies interviewing prospective employees over video chat to virtual court hearings that save money and help close cases faster, here are 10 jobs that have been changed by video conferencing technology.
Hiring managers
Looking for a job? Make sure your webcam is in working order. More and more companies are vetting candidates via video conferencing, especially when potential hires live in another city. Using virtual software rather than in-person interviews can save companies a lot of money, and help candidates feel more at ease. This way, the company can cast a broad net, seeking out the best possible job candidates and then flying in only the top two or three.
Music teachers
Can't find a good bagpipe teacher in your area? No problem. Video conferencing software makes it much easier to find music teachers who specialize in less common instruments. Teachers can still watch the students' posture, hand positioning and other important elements of learning an instrument, and with good quality audio, they can hear every nuance. Plus, online music lessons are convenient for teachers and students, making it easier to fit in more lessons.
Whether they're helping their students learn another language or assisting them in math problems, tutors of all stripes can use video chat to make their lessons more engaging. Despite being in different locations, students of a foreign language can see their tutor's mouths as they enunciate, making it easier to learn. Most video tutoring also involves video conference software that enables teachers and students to share documents and exchange notes.

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