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Business Octane Launches TXi/TX Immersive Telepresence Collaboration Suite

December 6, 2010 | Chris Payatagool
Business_Octane_TXi:TX.jpgvia IT News Online

Business Octane, an enterprise productivity accelerator solution provider, has launched TXi/TX, a new affordable variant under its existing range of immersive telepresence collaboration suites. The new variant empowers enterprises to conduct immersive telepresence meetings with remote participants in a manner as if meeting face-to-face with true to life images, natural eye contact, stereo spatial audio and real-time content sharing.

The TXi/TX variant differentiates itself from other existing variants available with the company primarily on the basis of functionality and price. Keeping all major features and functionalities similar with other existing variants, the TXi/TX variant empower only immersive telepresence meetings as against other variants that are additionally equipped to host as effective audio teleconferences and local meetings.

Business Octane said this launch marks another milestone for the company in bringing to the marketplace variants customized to serve diverse customer segment requirements. The new variant targets a specific segment on the basis of specific usage pattern and affordability.

The TXi/TX variant is available under company's existing immersive group telepresence and dynamic telepresence collaboration suites portfolio. In immersive group telepresence suite: CollaboratorHYPERMAX the new variant is available in seating capacities of 6/6, 13/13 and 15/15 - the first and second numerals represent seating capacity in immersive group telepresence and immersive dynamic telepresence, respectively. In immersive dynamic telepresence suites: CollaboratorTURBOMAX the new variant is available in seating capacities of 6, 13 and 15 and is upgradable to immersive group telepresence suite at anytime, and in CollaboratorPOWERMAX it is available in seating capacity of 6. All the sizes are available in an arc shaped seating layout that fosters a highly immersive telepresence meeting experience.

Sanjay Bansal, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Business Octane, said, "We were experiencing growing demand from clients where they were looking to deploy only immersive telepresence suites or where they wanted such suites at a few sites where the usage would be only restricted to video meetings. To serve this customer segment which is primarily driven by choice and usage pattern or affordability, we have launched our new TXi/TX variant."

"We are very excited about this launch as it gives a wider and more innovative choice to our potential customer base. With this launch we are moving aggressively towards our strategy of expansion by continuous innovation and excellence. Our goal is to make immersive telepresence widely adopted across every meeting room," added Bansal.

The suites being made available under TXi/TX variants offers as other variants: high definition video, high definition stereo spatial audio and excellent eye contact to create an extremely immersive meeting experience that makes the distant participants feel as if they are sitting face to face with each other. Media-rich capabilities enable meeting participants from any location to share at a button touch with all locations: desktops, documents or whiteboard notations, in full clarity.

Enterprises can get their leadership and management teams together with 6 to 15 participants at each location across 40 such distant locations to support mega collaboration with up to 600 participants in immersive group telepresence mode and 2 to 15 participants at one location with 2 to 15 participants at another distant location in immersive dynamic telepresence mode. This is dependent upon the chosen suite type as immersive group telepresence or immersive dynamic telepresence.

The new variant also enables leadership and management teams to get together with nationwide/worldwide teams, customers, partners, suppliers in mixed continuous presence to be able to see everyone at all times or in mixed room switched mode, on demand - all this without compromising on the quality of immersive telepresence experience for telepresence participants.

All the Business Octane's Immersive Telepresence Suites are equipped with a new user interface SimpliUSE+ that incorporates TeleconnectWIZARD for connecting multiple locations with extreme ease of usage and without any external help. In addition, Business Octane's Immersive Telepresence empowers users to collaborate seamlessly with other communication applications. Meeting participants whether on audio, desktops and video conferencing sites can seamlessly collaborate with the company's immersive telepresence suites.

The new variant is a fully integrated suite that includes the entire furniture and interiors that have been natively embedded with complete networking, lighting, electrical, audio and visual, conferencing and control systems. TXi variant is available with interiors and TX variant is available without interiors. The new variant can be experienced at the company's executive experience centers in Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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