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Teliris Company Profile


Headquarters: New York, NY and London, UK
Founded: 2001
: Private
Major Investors: Columbia Capital, Fidelity Ventures

Company Details

Industry Categories: Telepresence Managed Service Provider, Telepresence Hardware Manufacturer, Telepresence Network Provider

Key Executives:
  • Neil Hobbs, Chief Executive Officer,
  • Martyn Lewis, Chairman
  • Steve Gage, CTO, Executive Vice President & Co-founder
  • Rick Glickman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jeff Tench, Chief Marketing Officer
  • John Inglis, Executive Vice President - Sales & European Managing Director

Key Customers: Sony Ericcson, Xchanging, Lazard, UBS, NYSE Euronext, GlaxoSmithKline, 3i, Pearson PLC, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Fidelity, Tate & Lyle, QUALCOMM and Merck


Teliris defines an affective telepresence experience as seen through the 'eyes' of a broad continuum of large rooms to smaller-scale solutions, each with a different and equally immersive view that...

...delivers a wide range of immersive solutions that make people FEEL as if in the same room - Immersive Telepresence

...integrates cutting-edge collaboration tools that allow people to ACT as if in the same room  -Immersive Collaboration

...offers realistic interoperability for telepresence, videoconferencing or unified communications (UC) systems, creating the most natural experience possible across all solutions 
-Pure Interoperability

...ties together any system into the premier telepresence exchange for flexible, secure, high quality intra- and inter-company connectivity 
-Global Exchange

...wraps on-going support across all solutions for maximum reliability & availability  -End-to-End Managed Services

...extends telepresence and collaboration affordably to far-reaching locations anywhere in the world / All Teliris.
-Affective Telepresence.

Telepresence Systems
Teliris develops and implements the world's most innovative fully managed telepresence and collaboration solutions, realistically replicating the human dynamics of an in-person meeting experience. Through its 6G platform, Teliris radically simplifies the acquisition, deployment and operating costs of telepresence with market-leading 99%+ availability guarantee and interoperability with all telepresence, traditional VC and UC solutions. Teliris' broad immersive telepresence portfolio includes:

Teliris VirtuaLive Telepresence

Teliris VirtuaLive Telepresence

  • Most natural, true-to-life experience, with utmost flexibility across variety of meeting scenarios
  • Only telepresence solution with up to 6 displays, 2 to 28 participants
  • Most accurate eye contact 
  • Facilities package option for same look & feel across all rooms

Teliris Express Telepresence

Teliris Express Telepresence

  • Most cost-effective, flexible telepresence solution available with 1 to 3 displays
  • Fits existing conference rooms with no room build-out for quick deployment

Teliris 3D Telepresence

Teliris 3D Telepresence

  • Offers new level of realism for demanding visual collaboration needs with 1 to 3 displays
  • Delivers immersive depth & dimension, perspective view, supports 3D, 2D modes

Teliris Personal Telepresence

Personal Telepresence
  • Life-size, natural & reliable experience with single 40 " display for private offices at low cost

Teliris Home Telepresence

Teliris Home Telepresence
  • Life-size, natural & reliable experience for the home, using any compatible display & simple broadband connection

Teliris NanoEX

Teliris NanoEX Telepresence

  • Fluid panoramic, natural desktop experience
  • Unique curved display wraps single users seamlessly into group meetings

Teliris Nano Telepresence

Teliris Nano Telepresence
  • Most natural, reliable one-to-one desktop experience for smaller offices, individual users
  • Standalone 22" dedicated telepresence appliance
Teliris Custom Telepresence
  • Only custom telepresence solution with infinite design, functional, technological possiblities for telepresence beyond the boardroom, anywhere in the world

Teliris InterACT Collaboration Options

Teliris InterACT TouchTable is the only multi-touch computing environment for telepresence, allowing users to simultaneously share global content intuitively with multiple participants or locations. The multi-touch virtual table supports a wide variety of content including video, text, photos and audio files without a keyboard or mouse. This unique technology is available as a 22" table mount or as a 57", two-person interface embedded into a telepresence table.

Teliris InterACT Easel is the only interactive flip chart and white board for telepresence, enabling users to create, share and edit ideas in real-time. Using the presentation wall and an easy-to-use editing tablet, 1 to 6 digital whiteboard sheets display all types of content including computer files, video images or handwritten notes or sketches across all meeting rooms. Sheets are stored for future recall or distributed automatically via email.

Teliris InterACT Presentation allows meeting participants to share documents with all meeting locations simultaneously from their computers by simply plugging in their laptop.  Also available in 3D for complex visualizations.

Teliris InterACT Lectern is a unique camera and display system that perfectly positions a remote presenter for stand up lecturing with all the correct eye-lines and perspectives.

Teliris InterACT DocCam is an interactive high resolution, high magnification imaging camera for telepresence that allows users to view and share object images in precise detail and is compatibile with the full suite of Teliris collaboration tools.

Teliris InterACT Blu-Ray/DVD playback system can be integrated into any Teliris Telepresence environment for immediate high-definition content sharing.

Network and Managed Services

Managed Services - Teliris provides the VirtuaLive solution as a comprehensive, end-to-end managed service.  This guarantees a reliable, natural meeting without requiring any technical involvement from participants. Clients can schedule meetings through multiple avenues - the company's online reservation system, a touch pad in the room or a toll free (800) number; the remote site(s) connect automatically at the appropriate hour.  The service also includes: Concierge-class reservation and help desk support, proactive monitoring of all endpoint and network elements, and the true QoS InfiNET network.  InfiNET is Teliris' fully-managed global MPLS network, designed to support the unique transport requirements of Telepresence with optimal reliability. It was designed as a turnkey solution to guarantee the quality, security and management needs of Telepresence.

: Managed services for VirtuaLive service is typically in the range of $6,000 per month per end-point for unlimited 24/7 support.

Complementary Network Service include:

  • Secure Virtual Private Network - The company delivers an overlay network solution that handles every aspect of provisioning the appropriate network bandwidth to each location with proactive monitoring and 24/7 customer support.

  • Compatibility with Traditional Videoconferencing Systems - Optional

  • teliris_cp6.jpgTeliris WebConnect - enables remote individuals to participate in a VirtuaLive meeting through a web-browser, allowing them to see, hear and interact with those telepresence-networked collaborators.

  • Secure Path NNI - NNI stands for "Network-to-Network Interface" a solution that allows for secure connections between disparate companies on the Teliris InfiNET network.  The connection must be approved by both parties in a call and then the connection is torn down when the call is complete.

  • teliris_cp7.jpgVirtuaLive Access Portal - a touch sensitive panel positioned outside each room, which displays schedule and allows room booking directly from the panel to better facilitate Ad-Hoc meetings. 

  • Telepresence Gateway - An interoperability platform that allows Teliris customers to connect to a wide range of competing standard Telepresence systems, legacy videoconferencing systems, audio conferencing, and web-enabled devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. To connect with disparate Telepresence systems, Teliris employs its Dynamic Scenario Manager (DSM). DSM understands the room layouts and protocols of competitive systems and configures remote participation to create the most authentic, natural meeting experience possible.

  • VirtuaLive Options - a wide variety of options to further enhance the collaborative VirtuaLive experience. Includes plug & play data presentation system, multi-site hard copy document reproduction system, lectern with remote presentation capabilities, document camera, DVD-VHS interface, VirtuaLive Access Portal for ease of scheduling and room use, meeting recording/web casting, Virtual Whiteboard, hardware-based encryption, video production and editing solutions.

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