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Welcome to Telepresence Options 2015!

The Telepresence Options' brand is getting a refresh and is transforming to Visual Collaboration Magazine with a broader focus on how enterprises collaborate. Expect a new look, feel, and website with the same great original content and convenient multi-platform delivery: Print, Web, RSS, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Scribd, Issuu, and LinkedIn. For more information, please Contact Us.


TPO / Visual Collaboration Magazine Premium Sponsorships wrap up print, on-line, and social media into one integrated package. We have Program Creation options to create all the marketing assets, advertising pages, and collateral required for these campaigns as well.


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Telepresence Options 2015 Media Kit

Benefits of Sponsorship

We offer the sponsors of Telepresence Options 2015 the most cost-effective and targeted way of reaching visual collaboration decision makers. Here are just a few of the advantages you can gain from sponsorship:
  • VCMag_2015_Coming_Soon.jpgReinforce your position as a marquis provider of visual collaboration technology, related products, and services
  • Strengthen your brand recognition in this emerging industry
  • Leverage your message across the #1 website, RSS Feed(s), video channels, and newsletter following visual collaboration, telepresence, videoconferencing and related technologies.
  • Support vendor-neutral technology and industry journalism
  • Access one of the largest and highest-quality audiences interested in visual collaboration Website

The Telepresence Options website is the #1 destination on the Internet for information on visual collaboration, telepresence, videoconferencing and other enterprise collaboration tools.

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Sponsorship of Telepresence Options will place your company's name in front of tens of thousands of decision makers, influencers, information gatherers, academics, analysts, and others.

Visual Collaboration Magazine


Telepresence Options Magazine is rebranding this year to Visual Collaboration Magazine which will be published on November 1st 2015. This year's bulk distribution of hard copies is also expected to include: The TMC WebRTC conferences, Commercial Integrator Summit 2015 (August 17th-19th), Integrated Systems Europe, Enterprise Connect 2016, and InfoComm 2016. The postal distribution is expected to hit 7500 copies in 95 countries in 2015 mailing in late October:


Premium Sponsorships - COB Wednesday, September 30th

Camera-ready Advertising Pages: COB Wednesday, October 7th

Material for Mailing Bag Sponsorship: At mailing house by COB Wednesday, October 14th

Sponsorship Options: Advertising Pages, Belly Bands, Blow-Ins, Tip-Ons, inserting material (up to 2 ounces) into the mailing bag that delivers the hard copy of the magazine to an estimated 7,500.

Visual Collaboration Catalog

TPandVTC_Catalog_Cover_14.jpgThe Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog is undergoing a re-branding in 2015 and will be published as the Visual Collaboration Catalog in hard copy and print on November 1st 2015. It will be published as a "swiss-flip" with Visual Collaboration Magazine.

Premium Sponsors will have their Company Profiles, Solution Snapshots and related materials published on-line and in the print version of the Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog which will be published with the next edition of Visual Collaboration Magazine in November 2015.


Premium Sponsorships - COB Wednesday, September 30th

Ala Carte: Company Profiles, Solutions Snapshots, 1/4 Page Entries - COB Wednesday, September 30th

Material for Mailing Bag Sponsorship: At mailing house by COB Wednesday, October 14th

Sponsorship Options: Premium Sponsorships include everything: Company Profile, Solution Snapshot(s), 1/4 Page Catalog Entries - Online and Print Versions. Belly Bands, Blow-Ins, Tip-Ons, inserting material (up to 2 ounces) into the mailing bag that delivers the hard copy of the magazine to an estimated 7,500.

The Visual Collaboration Telegraph - Monthly Newsletter

Visual_Collaboration_Telegraph.jpgThe Telepresence Options Telegraph, our monthly newsletter, will be re-branding this year to the Visual Collaboration Telegraph with a broader focus on visual collaboration and the cutting edge collaborative tools that are connecting enterprises at the speed-of-light.

E-mailable Subscribers: 6400+

Open Rate: 7-15%

Unsubscribe Rate: Less than 1% per issue

Sponsorship Options: E-mail Template (One per Month), Interior Banner Ad (2 Per Month)

Deadlines = Issue/Publication Date/Deadline/Email Availability/ Interior 1 Availability / Interior 2 Availability

- InfoComm 2015 Best-of-Show Awards Issue / Pub Date: 7-22-15 / Deadline: 7-19-15 / Sold/Sold/Sold

- Collaborative Age Forum & Exposition Issue / Pub Date 10-22-15 / Deadline: 10-15-15 / Available/Available/Available

- Integrated Systems Europe 2016 Issue / Pub Date 01-28-16 / Deadline: 01-21-16 / Available/Available/Available

- Enterprise Connect 2016 Issue / Pub Date 03-02-16 / Deadline: / 02-24-16 / Available/Available/Available

- InfoComm 2016 Issue / Pub Date 06-01-15 / Deadline: 05-25-16 / Sold/Sold/Available

Program Creation

TPO / Visual Collaboration Magazine makes it easy to participate! We can create all of the program content you need to participate including translation of foreign language content into properly proof-read and edited English.

How does it work? Our editors interview you and create the following program elements. Sponsors get up to three proofs of each piece of content including:

Company Profile, Solutions Snapshot(s), Catalog Entries, and Full Page Magazine Advertising Pages

Pricing / What is Included:

Bronze Premium Sponsorship $1500

Silver Premium Sponsorship $2500

Gold Premium Sponsorship $3500

Ala Carte Company Profile, Solution Snapshot Creation: $500

Press Release Creation / Wire Service Distribution $400 / $350

Custom Content

TPO_Content_Creation.jpgVisual Collaboration Magazine editors can work with your organization to create custom content that will drive attendees. Please review this example of Custom Content that we created for videoconferencing pioneer Vidyo: . This particular project has generated 1,300+ reads on the TPO version alone (Vidyo distributed a different download link). The campaign also featured a webinar which was promoted with the release of the white paper which had over 1000+ sign ups and 295 on the webinar at its peak.
Sponsorship Options: Whitepapers, Technology Briefs, Unboxing Videos, Test Drive Articles, Webinars, Podcasts and more.

Content Distribution

TPO_Website.jpgAlready have your own whitepaper/case study/video/content piece? We can help get it read and even e-mail/address Paywall it to collect Actionable Leads!

Sponsorship Options: Email/Address Paywalls & Landing Pages, E-mail Newletter - Email Template & Interior Banners, Social Media, Scribd Library, Front Page / Website Banner Ads, Linked In Group, Magazine Advertising, Magazine Postal Mailing Bag, Trade Show Distribution, and more!

Lead Generation Program - Actionable Leads

Visual_Collaboration_Actionable_Leads_2015.jpgTPO/Visual Collaboration Magazine offers sponsors multiple ways of generating actionable leads that can be imported directly into your salesforce automation system. We can link directly from your Company Profile, Solution Snapshots, Banner Ads, Original Journalism, Newsletter Ads, or All-of-the-Above to a paywall for a whitepaper or other piece of content collecting names and addresses. Don't have a paywall for your whitepapers or content? We can create one. Don't have a whitepaper or compelling content? We can help create that as well.

Click Here or on the Image for an overview of the Lead Generation Program.

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