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HaiVision Company Profile

HaiVision Company Profile:

Headquarters: Montreal, Canada
Founded: 2004
Public/Private: Private

Company Details

Industry Categories: Telepresence network delivery equipment and H.264 codecs

Company Executives:
  • Miroslav (Mirko) Wicha, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
  • Joseph (Joe) Gaucher, Chief Technology Officer and Executive VP
  • Dan Rabinowitz, Chief Financial Officer
  • Peter Maag, Senior VP Marketing and Business Development
  • Mahmoud Al-Daccak, Senior Vice-President, Engineering
  • Rick Snow, Vice President Operations 
  • Ghislain Collette, Vice President Product Management

Key Customers:
Many Fortune 100 through telepresence OEM integrators, British Petroleum, UCLA, Northwestern University, Liberty University, St. Luc Hospital, University of Pittsburg Medical Center, CTV (Vancouver Olympics 2010), Korea Telecom, The Chapel, PrestonWood Baptist Church.


The Whitlock Group, HB Communications, AVI Systems, Techex UK.

Company Mission:
Based in Montreal and Chicago, HaiVision Network Video is a private company and a world leader in delivering the most advanced and intelligent IP video networking technology. HaiVision's products are deployed worldwide within the foremost Fortune 100 companies; in the most rigorous military and defense applications; in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for video collaboration and training; in highly renowned educational institutions for IPTV, teaching, and remote learning; in the most efficient interactive broadcast applications; and within the world's leading TelePresence suites. HaiVision distributes its products through value-added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide.

The Furnace - With capabilities for H.264 at HD and SD resolutions, HaiVision's Furnace IP video system is a secure, easy to use, and simple-to-deploy end-to-end system for encoding and distributing live video to network-attached computers and set top boxes. The Furnace also creates scheduled playback channels for enterprise TV and digital signage applications, as well as recording content and delivering video on-demand services. The Furnace is a complete video-over-IP streaming system.


For users, the InStream player available on the desktop computer or on the Stingray set top box, provides access to live and recorded channels as well as on-demand content. Complete system control allows for creating and scheduling broadcasts that can be made available to users or can be directed to select groups of set top boxes and players. Furnace is the ideal system for creating and controlling enterprise video, for establishing HD signage throughout a facility, for providing on demand material, and for capturing, organizing, and reviewing events.

Mako - is a telepresence codec delivering full motion bi-directional HD and XGA content with the lowest latency. The Mako is optimized for telepresence, interactive broadcast, and remote medical applications. The Mako delivers HD video over IP networks with end to end latency as low as  70 milliseconds for up to1080p transmissions. The Mako codec supports Dual Stream encoding where both HD video and computer graphics are encoded simultaneously, at guaranteed and synchronized frame rates. For IP video distribution beyond telepresence, the Mako is also compatible with Amino set top boxes and Flash / QuickTime streaming servers.

Hai_Mako.jpghai1000 series - is a multi-stream codec platform for leading telepresence, remote live venues, virtual classroom, and medical systems. The hai1000 manages up to 10 high performance channels of MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 per system, supports both legacy SD and HD transmissions, enables logical multicasting, closed captioning support, noise filtering, and advanced networking and traffic shaping features. .

Makito - is a series of compact high performance HD H.264 encoders and decoders that deliver up to 1080p60 encoding performance at incredibly low latency. Makitos are ideal for high-density encoding and distribution of HD video or computer graphics to many network client destinations such as local multicasts, distribution servers or remote unicast endpoints, simultaneously. The Makito delivers streams with traffic shaping, forward error correction and AES privacy assuring both security and performance, especially when deployed in conjunction with other Haivision servers such as the Furnace. The Makito is ideal for multi-channel enterprise IPTV delivery, for HD signage deployments, and for mass HD distribution/record environments such as medical facilities, professional training and simulation environments. The Makito supports advanced encoding features such as HiLo-Streaming - the capability to deliver high bandwidth and low bandwidth streams from a single source. The Makito encoder or decoder is available as a compact stand alone appliance, within a high density 6 slot 1RU rack mount chassis, or within a convenient 21 slot 4RU rack mount chassis.

- as well available in single unit compact appliance, or within the 6-blade or 21-blade chassis designs, the Barracuda broadcasts high performance and high density H.264 video streams. For standard definition encoding needs, the Barracuda adheres to HaiVision's Encode Once design, offering the ability to deliver multiple streams at different resolutions and bitrates to multiple destinations. Supporting a wide variety of IP streaming standards, the Barracuda is an ideal contribution tool for almost any application. The Barracuda also supports both forward error correction and encryption, making it a complement to HaiVision's Furnace end-to-end H.264 IP video solution.

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