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Emerging Market Communications (EMC) Company Profile

emc_satellite_infrastructure.jpgCompany: Emerging Markets Communication (EMC)
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, USA
Founded: 2000
Public/Private: Private

Company Details:

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) is a premier provider of hybrid global satellite and terrestrial communications with a specialty in providing high-bandwidth Quality-of-Service MPLS connections for telepresence and HD video over satellite. Utilizing a high quality, fully managed network, EMC offers private end-to-end satellite and terrestrial solutions in more than 140 countries. EMC specializes in meeting the diverse communications needs of its customers, which includes Oil & Gas, Telecom, Financial Institutions, Global 2000 companies and Large Intergovernmental organizations including United Nations. A US-based company with its HQs in Florida, EMC is powered by its network of strategically located, wholly-owned support centers (Argentina, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, UK, Thailand, UAE, US, Kenya, Angola, Nigeria and Senegal). EMC operates three wholly-owned teleport facilities in USA and EU, which are equipped with 11 to 32m C, Plan C, Ku, Ka, L, and X-band antennas, as well as 120,000 sq ft of highly secure disaster recovery and business continuity infrastructure. Our QMS is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

EMC's R&D division owns several unique and highly differentiated patents in the area of bandwidth re-utilization, Satcom on the Move, Video Conferencing distribution and Zero Latency application delivery including the manufacturing and production.

Industry Categories: Telepresence Internetworking Provider

Company Executives:

  • Abel Avellan: President
  • Guillermo Jofre: COO
  • Herbert Pardula: Chairman and CEO
  • Thomas Luketich: Vice President, Video Conferencing & Application Services
  • Kirk Dennis: HD Connect Sales Manager

EMC Value Proposition

EMC offers integrated and managed integrated communications services and infrastructure access for global enterprises and telecommunications companies. EMC Services are supported by the EMC wholly owned vertically integrated value chain:

  • End to End managed communications focused in the Emerging Markets
  • European Data Centers
  • Global Teleports and EMC Zero Latency Gateways
  • Support Centers in all continents and Global Operations Center for a 24x7x365 monitoring control and service
  • Equipment manufacturing and system integration
  • EMC MPLS VSAT and MPLS Terrestrial connectivity globally available
  • EMC Fast Ethernet and Speednet browser
  • ISP on the Sky globally available
  • EMC HD Connect : Video, infrastructure and services
  • UCNet: Unified Communications for Voice, Video, Instant Messaging and E-mail

EMC has the infrastructure, personnel and service delivery capabilities to offer enterprise,  government, telecommunications companies and NGOs a comprehensive managed communications solution.

EMC has coverage in all 196 countries in the world, and
is currently providing services to customers in over 140 of them

World Class Facilities: EMC's 120,000 Sq. Ft. Telehouse and Data Center in Raisting, Germany

Products and Services:

EMC's HD Connect Infrastructure and Services
- QoS MPLS Connectivity for Telepresence and Videoconferencing over Satellite

EMC_HD_Connect_Montage.jpgBy 2014 some estimates have video traffic representing 60% of all global enterprise communications. Pressure on organizations to lower costs, become more efficient, lower carbon emissions, and globalization trends make HD video services a necessity and not a luxury item for global enterprises. HD and 3D Video over satellite outperforms terrestrial based services in Europe and the US by a significant margin.

EMC HD Connect is the first and most competitive globally available HD/Telepresence service based on Video on Demand. HD Connect offers TV Broadcast HD quality for all locations and office sizes, favoring collaborative and friendly work environments.
Built with carrier class premium equipment from Cisco and fully compatible with all major video conference equipment, HD Connect is fully integrated to myEMC Link Monitoring and Control tool. HD Connect is also fully integrated to major desktop Unified Communication platforms from Cisco and Microsoft. It is an easy to use system that does not require a scheduling system.

EMC HD Connect Key Infrastructure Components:

  • EMC Patent Pending VMS (Video Management System): TV HD Quality Broadcast central infrastructure located at EMC Data Centers and Teleports
  • EMC Patent Pending MPLS On Demand: EMC on Demand connectivity to support TV broadcast HD quality at 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps, 8 Mbps and 16 Mbps MPLS connections on demand
  • EMC C20 End Point: Cisco/Tandberg HD video conferencing equipment and EMC VMS firmware
  • EMC MPLS, IP and ISDN Gateways: Transit points at EMC Data Centers to connect to non EMC MPLS, IP and ISDN networks

EMC UCNet, Unified Communications Platform

EMC UCNet is EMC's Unified Communications platform. It simplifies and accelerates the integration of communications systems with business applications. EMC UCNet allows organizations to streamline collaboration and other people-dependent processes by unifying all communications environments into one single tool. EMC UCNet provides one single client experience for Instant Messaging, Presence, VoIP Conferencing and Video Conferencing that is simple to use and fully integrated to EMC QoS-CoS Network Architecture.

EMC UCNet is an evolving communications technology architecture which automates and unifies device communications within an organization. From each person's computer or smart phone, any UCNet user can generate calls, virtual conference rooms, video conference, instant messaging dialogues with one or more users, knowing the status of all the persons in their contact list, or access to any of Outlook functionalities.

Main Benefits of EMC UCNet:

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Enhancement of human communications within an organization
  • Management flows of communications
  • Elimination of device and media dependencies
  • Reduction of costs
  • Optimization of productivity
  • Improvement of customer service
EMC UCNet have extended functionalities to EMC SpeedNet, EMC's own super high speed Internet browser, allowing UCNet users to experience a higher speed experience than with any other Unified Communications platform.
User Presence
UCNet users can create their own contact list. The system will show the presence status of each of the contacts

Instant Messaging
UCNet presents an robust Instant Messaging Platform that is scalable to handle thousands of users and can be interconnected with other networks like Gtalk and Microsoft MSN.

Calling an Online Contact

Whenever a contact is online, any UCNet user can call him or her from the screen. Calls can be made in the network or to a phone number outside of the network.

Call Conference
A UCNet user can call several of the contacts on his or her list, and create a conference call

Conference Room
The Conference Room is an innovation of UCNet. Any EMC UCNet user can set up with a few steps a conference room that allows up to 20 users simultaneously. This feature also enables to mute, kick or unmute users in the conference. A user can also set up which of the people in the contact list should be called at a specific time during the conference.

Outlook Integration and Link 2010

  • A UCNet user can access information from Outlook to create the initial Contact database.
  • UCNet can be used both from a computer or a smart phone. Functionalities can be deployed either by a regular keyboard and/or mouse, by a touchscreen system.
  • UCNet allows a user to communicate to anyone using the same platform (On-Net) as to anyone outside the platform (Off-Net)

EMC Fully Managed Connectivity Services

EMC provides a proven, all inclusive, managed connectivity solution that includes a 100% managed services and a Service Level Agreement on the application layer.

EMC's Satellite and Terrestrial MPLS offer is based on hybrid solution using both terrestrial service as well as satellite based solutions. EMC's Managed Services include a comprehensive set of connectivity and managed services in full compliance will all technical and financial aspects of our customers' requests and needs.

EMC's offering for Fully Managed Services include:

  • VSAT and/or Terrestrial MPLS circuits
  • Fast Ethernet (ISP on the Sky)
  • Router and Security Management
  • Video On Demand/Backup bandwidth on demand (EMC HD Connect)
  • Firewalls management
  • Managed IPSec VPN Service
  • Global Operation Center with a 24x7x365 support
  • Licensing, installation and all related preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Web Based Monitoring and Control tool (my EMC Link)
  • On Net Voice
  • Off Net Voice
  • On Net Video
  • Off Net Video
  • Shipping
  • Management of Customs Clearance
  • License Acquisition
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Guaranteed SLA and MTTR

EMC Managed MPLS Service Overview

EMC MPLS is a network-based solution that is enabled by Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). EMC MPLS service enables Customers to build an application aware, network-based Multiprotocol Label Switching virtual private network to link locations and efficiently transmit applications such as voice, ERP and video over a single connection. EMC MPLS enables us to offer a world class global network based MPLS VPN with options to add on the features that customers want, when they want them without having to migrate between different VPN services.

Supporting EMC's US IP/MPLS network and partner network is its robust physical layer infrastructure. The EMC MPLS Network experiences less than 1% packet loss due to the careful management of capacity. Utilization is carefully monitored and capacity is augmented based on traffic utilization, not based on an overbooking ratio. All EMC MPLS nodes are protected by dual uninterruptible power sources, including both battery backup and emergency diesel generators. In addition a robust disaster recovery scheme is tested regularly to ensure that all components work in the event of
a power failure.

EMC Fast Ethernet

EMC has developed Fast Ethernet, a patent pending technology that enables a a next generation Internet that is better, more secure and faster. This new EMC exclusive technology delivers speeds up to 100 Mbps directly to the customer wherever they are located. Fast Ethernet allows and guarantees downloads 10 times faster than a 2Mbps dedicated terrestrial link. This service is ideal for software distribution, traffic balancing, video broadcast, back-up or business continuity, internet access and broadcasting applications.

Internet traffic consumes around more than 90 percent of the existing communication channels around the world and broadband is limited in geographical coverage and performance and is not consistent in quality even in some of the most developed countries like USA and Japan.

In emerging markets the situation is even worse where local Internet exchanges are not available and web pages or corporate data centers are hosted in different and remote continents making the WAN a limiting factor for the Internet performance. Every second the same content from the Internet is sent thousands or some time millions of times each time utilizing a communication channel and filling them of unnecessary redundant data in an inefficient way using inefficient legacy protocols and inefficient web page structures coming from decades ago, from the beginnings of the Internet.

The insecurity and management resources of Internet based links add another layer of complexity to the current use of the Internet in particular for multinationals operating in hundreds of countries making Internet based connections difficult to maintain and operate requiring hundreds or thousands of firewall systems that make the connections even more inefficient.

Multimedia, HD video, IPTV, the new adoption of 3D, the increasing usage of the Internet to access files, emails attachments and videos hosted on the cloud and the convergence of Voice, Video and Data services via the Internet does not stop and continue to drive more and more Internet traffic that requires a better Internet that can be accessed in an efficient, seamless, more predictable and secure way anywhere in the planet.

More and more Enterprise customers are seeing the great value of combining EMC Fast Ethernet with their existing EMC satellite links, EMC terrestrial Links or EMC's 3rd party links since the bandwidth delivered by EMC Fast Ethernet is  unprecedented.

EMC SpeedNet - Zero Latency Platform

By combining its patented pending EMC SpeedNet browser and EMC Zero Latency infrastructure, EMC provides the fastest available internet experience to any place in the world.

Benefits of EMC SpeedNet:

  • Superior performance in all latency conditions from 50 Msec to 850 Msec
  • Drastic reduction in the number of security points and firewalls
  • Significant speed improvement with a guaranteed 100 Mbps download speed
  • Secure access for public and private cloud services
  • Simple login access to EMC Added Value Services (UcNet3, HD Connect, VoIP, IM)
  • Makes EMC Satellite links deliver the fastest Internet experience available in the market

myEMC Link Management Suite

myEMC Link is a tool developed by EMC which provides customers a central location under a single account with the option to maintain regular supervision of the terrestrial and satellite operational configurations. The tool was built to offer EMC customers easy access, real-time relevant information that can be updated by both the customer and EMC.

Key Portfolio of Patents in the USA, Europe and Japan

EMC Exclusive Satellite Frequency Rights

  • Exclusive 4.5-4.8 GHz frequency rights on EMC 5A "Plan C" -band
  • Frequency well suited for traditional VSAT
  • Terrestrial, Maritime and Satcom on the Move for Emergency Response
  • ITU supported frequency allocation in C-Band for 90cm Ultra Small terminals
EMC VMS (Video Managed Services)
  • Proprietary US Patent Pending
  • Dynamic allocation of bandwidth in support of EMC's Video Managed Service solution
  • Solution reduces bandwidth requirements resulting in greater affordability for HD and telepresence global implementation

EMC Zero Latency Architecture

  • Proprietary US Patent Pending Satellite architecture to deliver the fastest Internet experience available using EMC's Fast Ethernet connectivity and EMC SpeedNet Browser

EMC Corporate Overview
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