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Solution Review: Cisco Telepresence System 3000

cisco_cts3000_sd-by-sd.jpgSystem: Cisco CTS 3000
Base Price: $299,000

Overview:  A modular telepresence group system, accommodating up to 6 participants per room creating a virtual table for 12 participants when connected to another Cisco Telepresence System 3000 (CTS 3000). The system features ultra high definition 1080p video delivered to three 65" plasma screens. Multi-channel CD-quality spatial audio comes from the direction of the remote participant that is speaking. This system will fit into an existing space with a minimum amount of make-ready and features an integrated table, lighting, microphone, and camera all optimized for the environment.  Calls can be scheduled using groupware applications such as MS Outlook and Lotus Notes and then launched with the push of a button or launched ad-hoc by dialing another room's phone number from a handset in the room.

Price Includes: Ultra-high definition 1080p camera & codec, 3 65" plasma displays, purpose built telepresence environment that incorporates the camera & displays with an integrated table, chairs, lighting, speakers, microphones, and data collaboration projector. The system includes Cisco's "auto collaborate" technology that allows people in all rooms to instantly see and share information or objects with others by simply plugging in a device such as a laptop computer or the integrated, optional high-definition document camera.

Primary Seats: 6

Video Quality: Ultra High Definition - Up to 1080p, 30fps
Video Standards: H.264
Audio Quality: 64KBps Wideband Audio

Network Requirements Target   Warning Message     Call Terminated  
One-way Network Delay < 70 msec     < 150 msec   > 250 msec  
Peak-to-Peak Delay Variation     < 10 msec < 20 msec < 40 msec
Packet Loss < 0.05% < 0.10% > 0.20%

Bandwidth Requirements
Minimum Bandwidth Required
: 720p ~5.1MBps
Minimum Link Speed: 720p - 15MBps
Recommended Bandwidth: 1080p = ~ 15.4 MBps
Minimum Link Speed: 1080p - 45MBps

Space Required

cisco_cts3000_floorplan.jpgMinimum Space Required:  19 ft x 15 ft (5.79m x 4.57m)
Max Recommended Space: 31 ft x 24 ft (9.45m x 7.32m)
Ceiling Height:  8 ft to 10 ft (2.44m to 3.05m)

Interoperability: H.323/H.320//SIP/SCCP - Requires a Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch

Multipoint Capabilities: Up to 48 simultaneous single screen segments displaying/capturing 2 primary participants that can be voice switched or continuously present. In an all-Cisco TelePresence environment this requires a Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch and Cisco TelePresence Manager.  For multipoint with standards based videoconferencing systems a Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3515 MCU or 3545 MCU that is running Version 5.1 or later their software code.

Other Requirements: Cisco TelePresence requires the company run version 5.1 of Cisco CallManager IP PBX software, the price of which is not included in the room prices.  Multipoint and interoperability with standards-based videoconferencing requires the Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch.

Options: Cisco TelePresence Multi-point Switch for multi-point conferencing, high definition document camera

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