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Solution Snapshot: AT&T Telepresence Solution

attnewlogo_150x204px.jpgOfficial Website:

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers a flexible, turn-key, scalable video conferencing experience, including a unique, business to business, meet-me bridging collaboration capability using the AT&T Business Exchange.


Key Features:
  • Web-based application for scheduling, directory assistance and reporting
  • High Definition Video (1080p) with actual size images and spatial audio
  • Global reach with service available from sites in up to 75 countries and territories
  • Dedicated center to monitor and maintain your entire solution
  • Meeting initiation with a single button
  • Interoperability through the AT&T Business Exchange with standard and high definition video conferencing equipment (H.320 and H.323)
  • Ability to connect to Virtual Meetings by Marriott with AT&T and Cisco TelePresence

AT&T Telepresence Solution layers the strengths of AT&T's global networking capabilities on advanced video conferencing technology, giving you an easy to use unique, scalable, highly secure, and reliable virtual collaboration environment. The business-to-business meet-me bridging capability of the AT&T Business Exchange lets you connect to any other AT&T Telepresence Solution enabled location, whether located at your company, or with your customers, your suppliers or your business partners.

Your business may save travel costs, reduce carbon emissions and be more productive thanks to AT&T Telepresence Solution. We offer a full range of options to meet a variety of business needs:

Management Options: Reduce your up-front cost and IT burden with a bundled solution. AT&T provides end-to-end management and design, provisioning as well as implementation of the service and equipment. You can choose to purchase your own equipment or add AT&T management to equipment you already own. Regardless of which management option you choose, you can get the benefits of the AT&T Business Exchange and the AT&T global, MPLS-enabled network.

Equipment Options: Choose from equipment ranging from immersive rooms for 6 or 18 people to a small conference room or executive office unit for 1-2 people. Plus you get the ability to connect to a variety of standards-based HD/SD Video Conferencing Equipment via the AT&T Business Exchange.

Access Options: Use industry leading AT&T transport and access options. AT&T Telepresence Solution relies on the AT&T global MPLS-enabled network, giving you global reach, reliability and flexibility using AT&T Virtual Private Network services.

You can also choose from a range of alternate access options at a variety of lower speeds, enabling your smaller, remote offices or home offices to connect and collaborate with your larger offices.

Pricing Options: You can choose from two monthly rate options for endpoint access and use of the AT&T Business Exchange:
  • Per Minute  (recommended for less than 20 hours/month/endpoint)
  • Flat Rate/Unlimited (recommended for 20+ hours/month/endpoint)

Actual pricing depends on your management option, equipment options and access options. Let AT&T provide a customized value case analysis for your company to project various cost/benefit scenarios.

*The available pricing options may depend on location and management configuration.  Actual pricing will vary depending on your preferred management option, equipment options and access options.

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