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Array Telepresence Company Profile

Company: Array Telepresence
Headquarters: Dayton, OH
Founded: 2008
Public/Private: Private
Contact: [email protected]

Company Details

Industry Categories: Immersive Telepresence Research & Product Development,

Key Executives: Herold Williams - President & Chief Telepresence Architect

Array Telepresence is a telepresence technology and environmental design firm.  Founded by legendary immersive telepresence architect Herold Williams, the company develops telepresence technologies and environments. 

Equal-i - A patent pending optics and image processing solution that brings participants at elongated tables "up close and personal" to improve the conferencing experience.  The technology can be used to improve any conferencing situation with an elongated table but really shines when deployed in the highly immersive SurroundPresence environment.

A Visualization of the effect of Equal-i System in the SurroundPresence environment where the remote participants have been pulled "up close and personal" and displayed across the wide-format curved lenticular screen.

SurroundPresence is a revolutionary telepresence environment designed to optimize the Equal-i technology to create a highly immersive telepresence environment at 1/3 the cost and a fraction of the space of competing highly immersive solutions.  Array has designs for six, eight, and twelve person environments.

The SurroundPresence SP-8 environment is optimized for the Equal-i system to create a highly immersive meeting experience for up to eight participants.  The environment incorporates all of the techniques for creating high immersion: wide-format screen that takes up significant peripheral vision, high-definition, life-size remote participants, hidden eye-level camera, stand up presentation, and an engineered environment with optimum lighting, acoustics, and architecture.  SurroundPresence is also unique in that it doubles as a conventional conference room (albeit with enhanced data collaboration capabilities) and can be deployed at 1/3 the cost and a fraction of the space required from other highly immersive telepresence environments.

Array Telepresence Overview Sheet by Array Telepresence

Download the Printable and Clickable PDF Here.
Highly Immersive Telepresence Research Brief

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