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Telepresence Options (TPO News)�sponsorships are designed to most effectively help share your message with our readers, without compromising the integrity of our third party reporting. Please read the FAQ below to learn more.

1. Is TPO News coverage limited to sponsors?

TPO News strives to provide independent, 3rd party, news and analysis on the visual collaboration industry. A quick review of the TPO Archives reveals that only a small fraction of our content covers sponsors. That being said, most of our sponsorship options include a certain level of guaranteed coverage, and our writers tend to have closer relationships with our sponsors, which can lead to "deeper dives" and improved accuracy in our coverage.

2. What is included in a TPO News Sponsorship?

TPO News sponsorships includes a number of marketing, promotion, and industry presence based offerings. Please see the table below for the details of our bundles, and please see the rest of this FAQ for details on our a la carte items.

3. Are these sponsorship elements online, or in print?

The three key TPO News Sponsorship elements (company profiles, solution snapshots, and catalog entries) are be featured both online, and as part of our annual print publication. The print and online versions of each asset will have the same basic structure. The main difference is that the online versions can include additional web based elements, such as embedded videos.

4. When does the TPO sponsorship year start?

Each individual sponsorship starts after all online assets have been published and approved by the sponsor, and ends one year from that date. The sponsor will be included in the annual print magazine published during this one year period.

5. What is a Company Profile?

The Company Profile is a high-level overview of your company, its products and services. Each Company Profile will be included in our annual print publication, and have its own landing page online which can include additional web based elements (sample, sample, sample).

6. What is a Solution Snapshot?

The Solution Snapshot is a detailed overview of a specific solution or service offering. Each Solution Snapshot will be included in our annual print publication, and have its own landing page online which can include additional web based elements. (sample, sample, sample).

7. What is a Catalog Entry?

The ever improving TPO Catalog online is a free resource for the visual collaboration community, seeking to comprehensively list all vendors of interest in the appropriate categories. TPO sponsors with premium entries will stand out among their peers with an individual landing page which can include a number of web based assets. Each premium entry is included in our annual publication as a quarter page listing.

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