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Catching Up With Tely Labs: Flexing Their Partnership with Blue Jeans Network

December 15, 2013 | David S. Maldow, Esq.


Tely Labs and Blue Jeans Networks recently announced a new (limited time) hardware / software bundle offering. The basic principle is simple, new purchasers and existing owners of the TelyHD Pro will get a Free 60 day Blue Jeans service subscription. With both Tely and Blue Jeans being notable for user friendly videoconferencing, this new bundle offers a lot of synergy, and a lot to like. We spoke with Dave Crilley, VP at Tely Labs, to get the scoop. Let's take a closer look at the elements of this offering.


The TelyHD Pro is a very interesting product, with a bit of a surprising story behind its success. When they first launched in 2012, they were shooting for the ever elusive living room VC market. Cisco (with their Umi product) and several others had tried and failed. Even today, VC on the living room TV, while more available, still hasn't reached its full potential. The TelyHD Pro was Skype-based, affordable, and easy to use. Although analysts, and customers, reviewed the product favorably, the real question was whether people were ready for living room VC.


As it turns out, Tely's success wasn't going to rely on the home consumer market after all, as their solution went viral in the most unexpected place, the business world. Convention wisdom at the time was that business meeting rooms required expensive VC equipment and network quality to provide the experience necessary to support adoption. In other words, we believed if you put an affordable solution in a meeting room, it would be bad and no one would use it. While that may have been true 5 years ago, with today's VC technology, affordable solutions and quality solutions are no longer mutually exclusive.

What the conventional wisdom forgot to consider, is the fact that there are a heck of a lot of meeting rooms out there without the budget for a traditional room system. They common answer to this problem is to bring up VC on someone's laptop, which is generally a compromised experience for group meetings. These meeting rooms needed a middle ground between laptop / tablet VC, and a traditional system. Furthermore, many of these rooms already have some sort of decent sized monitor / screen in place. Word soon got around that for about $650, you could clip a Tely to the top of that monitor for a "prosumer" experience.


When I say Tely has gone viral, it is not conjecture or hyperbole. In less than a year they have captured 18% (units, not revenue) of the US market for VC appliances. Dave also shared that they are currently enjoying 25% growth per quarter. While quality and price are clearly key elements of their success, I think their real strength has been their focus on ease of use and interoperability. With the history of the Umi still in recent memory, Tely wanted to make it clear that you can do a lot more than call from Tely to Tely. Early Skype support gave the Tely an immediate massive user base, but SIP and Blue Jeans support made it a viable business tool.


Speaking of viral success, Blue Jeans has simply taken the Cloud VC Meeting industry by storm. With their leading interoperability, they pioneered the concept of allowing various services and solutions (business and consumer) from different vendors to all connect in the same virtual meeting room. Whether you are on Skype, Cisco, Polycom, Google, Lync, meeting room systems, desktops, or mobile, you can connect to the same meeting room. For more information, please read this recent, in depth, TPO coverage of Blue Jeans.

The TelyHD / Blue Jeans combination provides a complete answer to the small meeting room problem. For $650 you get a quality 720p camera and codec to sit on your existing monitor (speakerphone and remote control also included), as well as 60 days of the Blue Jeans service, allowing you to create and schedule virtual meeting rooms that can support not only the Tely, but just about any VC solution your colleagues, partners, and associates may be using.

About the Author
David_Maldow, Esq.David Maldow, Esq. is a visual collaboration technologist and analyst with the Human Productivity Lab and an associate publisher at Telepresence Options. David has extensive expertise in testing, evaluating, and explaining telepresence and other visual collaboration / rich media solutions. David is focused on providing third-party independent analysis and opinion of these technologies and helping end users better secure their visual collaboration environments. You can follow David on Twitter and Google+.

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