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Temasys's WebRTC Skyway infrastructure takes Social Media to a new level

November 24, 2013 | Telepresence Options


Singapore,  18  November  2013:  Temasys  Communications  ("Temasys")  today  announced that it has reached an agreement with Singapore based YuuZoo Corporation ("YuuZoo")  to  embed  the  Temasys's  WebRTC  Skyway  visual  communications  client  into  the various ecommerce enabled targeted social networks built by YuuZoo. This allows any user to hold a video conversation with any number of people without leaving the YuuZoo platform, using inbuilt software that provides a completely seamless experience.

Once  fully  deployed,  Temasys  will  be  able  to  potentially  access  up  to  37  million  YuuZoo  users across a 164 countries. Using the highly scalable Temasys's Skyway infrastructure it will  be  possible,  in  addition  to  visual  conversations,  to  enable  large  scale  streaming  of  events into individual virtual rooms on the YuuZoo network.

Commenting  on  the  partnership,  Bill  Lewis,  CEO  of  Temasys  said  "Our  deployment  at  YuuZoo launches our Social Real Time Communications initiative and we will transform how social media is used for visual communications - it is a tremendous opportunity for both companies".

Sharing  his  view  on  Temasys,  Thomas  Zilliacus,  Chairman  and  CEO,  YuuZoo  said,  "Temasys offers an exciting and interesting solution to complement our Ecommerce enabled targeted social networks, their solution will help us improve the user experience on the YuuZoo platform."

WebRTCSkyway,  from  Temasys,  represents  the  leading  edge  of  a  new,  next  generation  visual communications infrastructure and client portfolio that allows voice and video communications  to  be  achieved  with  only  a  browser  and  an  internet  connection,  and  which allows video and voice to be embedded in almost anything (websites, advertisements, emails, contact cards, etc.).

ABOUT  TEMASYS;  Headquartered  in  Singapore,  Temasys  is  a  leader  in  visual  communications  services and solutions using Wed Real Time Communications (WebRTC). Temasys has developed a  comprehensive  global  WebRTC  infrastructure  and  a  portfolio  of  clients  and  user  experiences,  complemented by API and SDK availability. For more information about the company:     CONTACT:    Bill  Lewis  Managing  Director.    Mobile: +65 98395371

 ABOUT  YUUZOO:  Headquartered  in  Singapore,  with  over  37  million  registered  users  in  164  countries, YuuZoo represents the next generation of social networks powered by the global mobile revolution. YuuZoo's targeted ecommerce social networks are device-­‐agnostic but optimized for all mobile phones, smartphones as well as feature phones. For more information about the company, please log onto: For further information please contact: Aru Adil Sayed, Head  of  Corporate  Communications,  Email:   DID:  +65-­‐65770666   Mobile: +65-­‐94249757

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