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The Impending Explosion of Telepresence and Video Applications

October 15, 2012 | David S. Maldow, Esq.
The Telepresence "Shel-Bot" From "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS

Video is quickly reaching a tipping point of becoming cheap and easy enough to support a previously unthinkable range of innovative applications. In the (very recent) old days, video was so complicated, and flat out expensive, that experimentation with creative uses was limited. This was particularly evident in the telepresence and videoconferencing arenas. For decades, VC was primarily a tool for connecting high profile meeting rooms to other high profile meeting rooms. While the travel savings and productivity benefits for big execs was sufficient to justify the high cost and support requirements, it was impossible to justify more creative downstream uses.

Today, high quality video is pervasive and affordable. Odds are, you are reading this on a PC, tablet, or even a phone which already has a number of high quality video apps installed. HD webcams are also becoming common in other devices, ranging from ATMs to television sets to RC airplanes. Telepresence robots, once the stuff of science fiction, are now a part of our everyday sit-com culture.

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The (now affordable) capability for ubiquitous interactive video is giving rise to applications that were previously consigned to the "someday" file. Every day we are seeing new video solutions in place in banking, telehealth, robotics, retail settings, cloud video services, and much much more.

Here at Telepresence Options we are hoping to compile a list of the most innovative and exciting new uses for video for the next issue of Telepresence Options Magazine which will be published on March 1st, 2013. In addition to covering the latest and greatest videoconferencing applications, the issue will feature Inter-Company telepresence and videoconferencing (B-to-B), Business-to-Consumer (B-to-C) telepresence and videoconferencing, and the latest and greatest new products and solutions. Please use the comment fields below to tell us about, or link to, your favorite new video application. Over the next few months we will try to compile your suggestions, and perhaps even do a feature article on any particularly interesting solutions. This is your chance to play a part in the Telepresence Options community, so don't be shy and let us know what you think is going to be the next hottest thing in video.

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