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Found in this month's issue of MIT's Technology Review: New Video Gadgets

May 3, 2012 | Hogan Keyser
mit_technology_review_magazine_montage.jpgMay/June 2012 issue of MIT Technology Review -- While thumbing through this month's issue of MIT's Technology Review I found a treasure trove of new and upcoming video gadgets including an Android-based, 3-D wearable display, a slip-on tablet for a smart phone, a "cop-cam" that clips on to sun-glasses (creepy), and a USB pen that turns a laptop into a tablet.

android_3d.jpgTransparent 3-D
The first Android-based see-through wearable display, the Moverio uses two micro-projectors to create separate images for each eye, allowing it to play 3-D movies overlaid on the wearer's view. In addition to videos, users can download Android applications via Wi-Fi and control them with a handheld track pad.

asus_padfone.jpgA Screen for Every Occasion
With the PadFone smart phone, there's no need to sync files and applications between a phone, a tablet, and a laptop, or to buy three separate devices at all. The Android phone slips into a larger screen, powering it as a tablet: the system will automatically let you continue working with whatever application you were using at the time you docked the phone. The screen, in turn, can be plugged into a keyboard, which doubles as an additional battery pack.

cop_cam_glasses.jpgCop Cam
Designed for police use, this camera clips to a pair of glasses and records video evidence from the point of view of an officer. The camera has a continuously looping buffer, so at the moment the officer decides that an incident warrants recording, the previous 30 seconds are stored too. Live video from the camera can also be streamed to a smart phone.

laptop_into_tablet_pen.jpgTurning a Laptop into a Tablet
The PT Pen can turn any laptop screen 16 inches or smaller into a stylus-based touchpad, allowing it to be used as a virtual whiteboard or sketch tablet. The PT Pen can also be used to annotate documents, and it works with the handwriting recognition software built into most operating systems. The position of the stylus is determined with ultrasound..

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