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FPSRussia Demonstrates Prototype Quadrotor Drone With Machine Gun

April 24, 2012 | Hogan Keyser
Warning: Language may not be suitable for children under 13

fpsrussia_quadrotor_drone_explosion.jpgIf you haven't been paying attention to popular YouTube subscriptions, then you probably haven't heard of FPSRussia.  He's a "Professional Russian" with the sweet hookups and shows off new and awesome guns/weapons every couple weeks.  This week he takes us inside the life of "Charlene" (or so he calls her) the latest and greatest in quadrotor technology.

As if watching quadrotors run figure 8's wasn't enough, someone had the guts to say, "Hey, that's cool, but what if we strapped a gun to it?"  Enter Charlene.  She's piloted by a tablet computer and capable of reaching heights of 1/4 mile and speeds of up to 30 mph.  She's equipped with a submachine gun with a 100 round magazine and a small explosive charge to self-destruct should she be shot down or fall out of range.  To watch the video is both cool and terrifying.

quadrotor_machine_gun_mount.jpgFPSRussia mentions that this technology may not be available for 10-15 years.  He also doesn't seem like the kind of person with a Top Secret clearance and a death wish for exposing military toys way ahead of their prime.  Upon further viewing he mentions that this could be seen in an upcoming Call of Duty game hinting that the next game (which is in the works by Activision) may be set in the future about 15 years.

With cheap operable drones in the works this could mean a new wave of crime.  If someone managed to get their hands on a quadrotor for $100 it wouldn't be impossible to rig it up with a different gun to assault one's neighbor or pesky friends.  Couple advanced technology with a remote controlled drone and a weapon and it would be nearly impossible to trace a crime back to the pilot of the drone. 

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